Global Diversity and Inclusion: Perceptions, Practices and Attitudes

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More than ever, businesses, governments, non-profits and other organizations are finding it necessary to adopt a global mindset in order to remain viable and relevant in today’s global marketplace. As organizations recognize the importance of developing greater cross-cultural competence, Diversity and Inclusion practitioners are often at the forefront of this work. This makes sense, as these professionals have long been engaged in helping individuals and organizations manage and leverage difference in ways that allow people from all backgrounds to hear and be heard, understand and be understood, and work together productively. And some will suggest that one’s national culture is the most powerful differentiator there is, greater than ethnicity, gender or language. 

This study was launched to provide a deeper understanding of Diversity and Inclusion issues on a global
scale, and to offer insight into Diversity and Inclusion best practices worldwide. This groundbreaking study included surveying over 500 executives and interviewing 40 of them. In addition, the Economist Intelligence Unit researched the diversity readiness of 47 different countries to create the Global Diversity Readiness Index (see Appendix II for more information). This report details the findings of both the research and this groundbreaking new tool.