The Consequences of Lazy Hiring

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For the final post in this short series I wanted to write briefly about the consequences of lazy hiring. I’ve already written about lazy leadership and lazy employees, so I thought lazy hiring was a good way to wrap it up. This one will be brief because I just can’t imagine that anyone reading this doesn’t understand the consequences of lazy hiring.
And yet it happens….
Lazy hiring occurs when a recruiter or hiring manager (or worse, both) just want to get a body in the door. No pro-active sourcing happens, they just post a job and wait. They filter through resumes at a rate of 10 per second never really reading a single line. They find candidates who meet the bare minimum requirements and take their time putting them through the process. They do not set expectations or share details about company culture. They do nothing to ensure personality fit. I bet you can guess what the consequences of this type of hiring strategy is.
A revolving door.
Lazy hiring leads to poor hires which leads to turnover. And so the cycle begins again. How do you fix lazy hiring? I would like to jump straight to fire the perpetrators, but as one comment pointed out yesterday, it is not always the employee's fault. So I’ll start with find out why. Is the individual overwhelmed? Do they have too many open positions and can’t focus properly on any of them? Were they a bad hire and really shouldn’t be in the position they are in? Is it because the person doing the hiring has no idea what they are doing because recruiting and hiring isn’t part of their daily job duties or background? If the answers to any of these questions are yes, fix it. If it’s just because they are lazy, fire them. Lazy hiring may be one of the easiest fixes of the three, but left untouched it may be the one that can do the most damage.

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