SHRM's Diversity & Inclusion Conference & Exposition

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Successful organizations need culturally competent employees who can cross borders and navigate different cultures. This conference is ideal for D&I professionals and HR professionals who want to increase their credibility in their organizations, are willing to be bold and deal with tough issues, and want comprehensive strategies for D&I success.
Why You Should Attend
  • Walk away with innovative, forward-thinking strategies that take your diversity & inclusion efforts to the next level.
  • Learn how to build on the strengths of differences and develop plans that support organizational objectives and goals.
  • Find new ways to use workplace diversity as a catalyst for new ideas and initiatives.
Who Should Attend
  • HR generalists or managers that need to provide measurable results with their D&I programs.
  • Senior HR or business leaders tasked with implementing your D&I program.
  • D&I educators seeking the best, most comprehensive information available.
  • Directors of D&I that want innovative, forward-thinking strategies.
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