SHRM, ACIP Join Forces

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The American Council on International Personnel (ACIP) and the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) have formed a strategic affiliation to pursue advocacy and thought leadership on pressing global talent management issues. The organizations made the announcement June 5, 2012,  at ACIP’s 2012 Symposium in Washington, D.C.

“As ACIP celebrates 40 years of excellence, we are thrilled to prepare for the next 40 with this strategic affiliation with SHRM,” said Lynn Shotwell, ACIP executive director. “The fundamental issue at the heart of this affiliation is helping organizations find highly educated talent—wherever they are. The race for the best and brightest talent to fill critical skills shortages and meet business needs has never been more competitive, and employers need to be smarter and more strategic in talent management and immigration. The ACIP-SHRM affiliation will help them do that.”

“SHRM’s size and resources, and ACIP’s expertise and influence on global talent mobility issues, make us a force that must be heard on immigration issues,” said SHRM President and CEO Henry G. "Hank" Jackson. “As a result, we will be more effective in public policy debates, more responsive to our members’ needs and more capable of creating the workforce of tomorrow.”

The organizations cited recent data showing the difficulty employers are having and will have in their search for skilled employees who will help them meet their strategic business needs:

More than half of employers (52 percent) surveyed in a recent SHRM poll said that they are having a difficult time recruiting for specific jobs.
According to the same survey, those difficulties are particularly acute in manufacturing, where 68 percent of respondents have a difficult time filling specific jobs, and in high-tech, where the number is 71 percent.
A study by the MetLife Foundation and Civic Ventures concluded that by 2018 the United States will have as many as 4 million open jobs that require skilled workers.
“The world has changed dramatically since I founded ACIP 40 years ago, but what has not changed is my vision for an ahead-of-the-curve organization that would be a leading voice for U.S. employers on global mobility and immigration issues,” said Austin Fragomen, chairman of ACIP. “This new affiliation with SHRM will take that vision to the next level for another 40 years and beyond.”

“Part of SHRM’s long-term strategic growth plan is to be a global resource for HR professionals. The new affiliation with ACIP allows SHRM to immediately have a greater reach into critical global talent mobility issues,” said SHRM Board Chair Jose A. Berrios.

The SHRM Board of Directors approved the strategic affiliation June 1, 2012, and it commences on July 1.

ACIP has eight employees and about 220 institutional members. Membership is available to employers with at least 500 employees worldwide and an operating presence in at least one location outside the United States. ACIP provides membership to smaller employers cooperating under an umbrella organization or brand, as well as to colleges, universities and research institutions with international programs.

Among other activities, ACIP is designated by the U.S. Department of State as a J-1 visa sponsor for trainees and interns. J-1 visas allow temporary stays for maximums of 12-18 months. For eligible employers, ACIP offers management of details such as processing applications, delivering guidance on travel procedures, conducting compliance site visits, attending to government reporting requirements, and checking in with trainees and interns during their stays in the United States.

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