Employer Branding Key to Whirlpool's Talent Retention

Throwing a dart at a stack of semi-qualified resumes? That’s not exactly Kristen Weirick’s style. In fact, Weirick, the director of talent acquisition and global human resources for appliance giant Whirlpool Corp., prides herself more on driving a combined internal and external effort to deliver a holistic employer brand than she does on keeping people in their jobs.

Such an approach is considered necessary at this global organization, which regards its 73,000 employees as the labor pool’s cream of the crop. “It’s all about being a strategic partner to meet the business’ needs,” says Weirick, “and employer branding is a big part of that.”

In this series of questions and answers, Weirick, a member of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), offers her thoughts on Whirlpool’s global hiring processes, the critical nature of identifying the “right” employee, and the importance of creating a culture of company loyalty.