Dr. Daniel Crosby: You're Not That Great


You’re not that great.

Yes, you read that right. Wait a minute, you think, “This must be about that extra 15 pounds I’m carrying around.” Nope. “Well, maybe it’s because I always seem to quit on my New Year’s resolutions in the first two weeks.” Wrong again. “Wait a minute, how does he know that I cut out early sometimes when the boss is away?!” I wish it were that insignificant a problem.

No, the reason you’re not great is something that goes much deeper than all the missteps you could recall. Your problem is far more pervasive. Your problem is one that you’re less aware of and is far more insidious than anything you’ve ever consciously done. Your problem is one you likely never even knew you had. The reasons you’re not that great happen beneath your consciousness; and by living life on autopilot you make mistakes of omission that keep you from being the best leader you can be.

You can be great. You can be the type of leader that others look to. But to get there, you’ll have to come face to face with seven hard truths about biases that hold you back. Please take a few minutes to watch this video and consider the ways in which a greater awareness of these biases could positively impact the way you live and lead.