C-Suite Members--They're Just Like Us!

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File this one under Idle Curiosity.

CareerBuilder has released a survey noting senior leaders’ workplace habits and personal characteristics. Ever wonder if CEOs go out for lunch or bring a brown bag? What kind of car does the chief finance officer drive? Is the senior vice president of marketing more likely to wear black or red?

Now you know:


Typical Office Attire

  • Business casual: 63 percent
  • Jeans or shorts: 18 percent
  • Business suit: 14 percent

Favorite Color for Clothes

  • Navy blue: 36 percent
  • Black: 26 percent
  • Brown: 8 percent
  • Gray: 8 percent

Female executives are much more likely to wear black to work than men (51 percent of women vs. 18 percent of men). Senior leaders who are men are more likely to wear navy blue (41 percent of men vs. 21 percent of women).


Preferred Vehicles

  • SUV: 27 percent
  • Mid-sized sedan: 22 percent
  • Luxury sedan: 15 percent
  • Pickup truck: 9 percent
  • Sports car/convertible: 8 percent
  • Minivan: 5 percent


Cocktail Hour

  • Don’t drink at company events: 32 percent
  • Wine: 26 percent
  • Beer: 22 percent
  • Mixed drinks: 18 percent
  • Martini: 5 percent
  • Shots: 3 percent


Lunch Choices

  • Bring lunch from home: 41 percent
  • Eat at a sit-down restaurant: 19 percent
  • Grab fast food: 17 percent


More than half (57 percent) of women typically bring their lunch from home compared to 36 percent of men.  Men were more likely to order fast food—19 percent compared to 10 percent of women.

They asked all the other questions; why not this one?


Hair-Parting Preference

  • To the right: 31 percent
  • To the left: 27 percent
  • Down the middle: 9 percent
  • Shaved or bald:  7 percent


Lesson learned? Most senior leaders in U.S. workplaces wear navy blue business casual clothing, bring their lunch to work in their SUVs, abstain from alcohol during company events and part their hair to the right.

The secret to success in the business world!

This survey was conducted online in the U.S. by Harris Interactive on behalf of CareerBuilder among 561 hiring managers in senior management positions (employed full time, not self-employed, nongovernment) Aug. 16-Sept. 8, 2011, (percentages for some questions are based on a subset, based on their responses to certain questions).