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HR consultant and executive coach Rita Craig is award-winning human resources consultant, keynote and TEDx speaker. This is no surprise when you look at her professional profile; with over 40 years of professional human resources experience, including 23 years as an HR professional for an electric utility company, Rita’s first-hand insights engage, instruct and motivate professionals throughout the U.S. and abroad. Her career experiences, coupled with her upbringing in a household of 14, supply enough anecdotal ammunition to keep audiences and clients entertained and engaged in a way that is all at once disarming and inspirational.

Along with an MBA with a Specialty in Human Resources, Rita’s achievements include being the first ever recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award from the HR Association of Palm Beach County, numerous recognitions from various HR and civic organizations and two governor’s appointments to serve on Florida state commissions.

Her great love of developing the next generation of leaders inspired her to write Foresight: Finding Your Footing in a Fast-Forward World, and her unique point-of-view is sure to resonate with any person who has ever asked the question, “What’s next?”

Rita is on Twitter at @RitaBarretCraig and on Linkedin


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Articles by Rita Barreto Craig, SPHR, SHRM-SCP

Anyone who has searched for a job understands the tedious, time consuming process it requires. First, hunting for the job and interviewing. Then, negotiating, initiation and training for it.  In fact, the hiring process can often take several months. Often times, this is because management can’t or won’t make a decision and some of the job seekers move on to something else.
December 1, 2016
On a daily basis, people send “hasty” emails which may not reflect the best representation of their intended message. But before you hit send prematurely, remember these few things in order to communicate your message clearly and professionally:
  • Always proofread your email prior to sending, no matter if you are in a hurry.
  • Traditional letter writing skills still apply to emails.
November 15, 2016
There are so many hundreds of thousands of articles about leadership to be found online. And for those who are responsible for hiring these great leaders, it can feel a lot like looking for a needle in a haystack. There may be many great candidates who are all vying for a position within the company, but as a decision maker, how can you spot which one is best?
November 1, 2016


Adapting workplace traditions to fit today’s needs

Our world is dramatically different than it was only a decade ago. Today’s workplace sees a mix of ages, ethnicities, and creeds, not to mention a workforce that is splintered between on-site employees, freelancers and log-in remote workers.

May 12, 2016

Creating workplace traditions that increase employee retention

It’s no secret that engaged employees tend to stay on the job longer. The question then becomes one of just how to get employees engaged so they will stick around. Even with incentive programs like 401K’s, many workers are so disenfranchised that they are willing to leave money on the table and simply move on to greener pastures.

March 15, 2016


The effect of engaged employees on long-term profits

February 18, 2016


Creating workplace traditions that stand the test of time

What will your employees say about their career experience years from now? Will they sit with friends and reminisce about exciting projects and notable accomplishments, or will they talk of seemingly endless hours that rolled into years of drudgery? Chances are good that if the friends are reminiscing with were co-workers, the conversation will be positive and upbeat.

January 26, 2016


An employer’s guide to establishing or maintaining profitable traditions

December 24, 2015

When employees are connected with each other and with the company as a cohesive unit, great things happen. Connections foster relationships, relationships create results and results culminate in increased productivity and profitability. One of the best ways to create connections is to allow them to happen naturally—to facilitate them—rather than forcing them, and company traditions create fertile ground in which the seeds of relationship can grow and develop into something productive.

November 4, 2015


With few exceptions, creating teams within a workforce is one of the best ways to stimulate business. The more engaged and stimulated the employees, the more productive they are and the more profitable you become. Sounds simple enough, but such camaraderie does not necessarily materialize out of thin air. A good team needs a good coach. 

October 12, 2015


Creating a winning team spirit

A company’s traditions are an investment that pays in human dividends. Banking on people more than products or technology to ultimately make a difference in the world is something that separates the mediocre from the extraordinary. A bold statement, to be sure, but what does it REALLY mean?

September 3, 2015

Building the future from the past

What traditions are maintained by your company? Do you have an enthusiastic company sports team with a history of incredible wins? Perhaps your traditional company picnic is the rallying point that employees look forward to all year, then talk about throughout the following year.

August 10, 2015

The importance of traditions in employee engagement

July 1, 2015