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Irene is President and Principal Consultant at Baird Weisman Management Consultants. As an SPHR and PMP (Project Management Professional), she has a particular interest in assisting clients grow and innovate at the intersection of people, processes and technology. Her favorite past times are her Golden Retrievers, sailing, and watching college sports.

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I must admit that I prefer to have a tonsillectomy or root canal, as opposed to watching a verbose slide deck created in PowerPoint.  Don’t get me wrong, PowerPoint is a great tool.  The problem is people have engaged in what I’d consider to be, almost criminal activity as they’ve butchered its true intent. 

March 12, 2014

There is little doubt you’re already thinking about what clothes to pack for the forecasted weather in Atlanta, as you prepare to attend the SHRM Annual Conference and Exposition next week.  As important as it is to know how to pack appropriately, you should also take some time to identify objectives and establish a strategy to get the most out of your time.

June 21, 2012

Michael was a Director at a medium-sized company. A self-proclaimed perfectionist, he had equally high expectations of his direct reports. He began with the company when they were first formed and had the luxury of hiring and training his own team. Like so many young leaders, he struggled with delegation. Michael was a work horse. He could crank out work like nobody’s business, and many times, found it easier to do things himself rather than engage the team he had hired. His team of professionals was relegated to less than fulfilling work for much of the time.

May 16, 2012

We all talk about high potentials being the next best thing since sliced bread.   They are the employees in our midst that seemingly can do it all and we recognize them for their efforts.   We come to rely on them whenever there is something we need to get done and done well.  They are thought of first for projects and are primed for promotions.  Where does that leave everyone else, though?  High potentials are a small number from a much larger pool of employees.  If you don't engage this larger group, how will you know what their potential even is?

May 3, 2012

There is an explosion happening all around us.  We are getting grayer as a society - much grayer.   As a result, organizations are faced with a diversity-related challenge.   Younger managers, on a much broader level than ever before, are finding themselves in the position of having to supervise older subordinates. 

April 13, 2012

Imagine yourself in a sandwich shop and you’re at the register.  The employee behind the counter has just asked for your order.  The conversation goes as follows:

You:  “I’d like a turkey on wheat with lettuce and tomato only.” 

Employee: “Do you want mayonnaise or mustard on that?”

You:  “No, just lettuce and tomato.”

Employee:  “What kind of cheese would you like?”

You:  “I don’t want cheese.  I only want lettuce and tomato.”

Employee:  “It comes with cheese, though.  Are you sure you don’t want cheese?”

March 21, 2012