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Rick Lepsinger is the president of OnPoint Consulting with a 20-year track record of success as a human resource consultant and executive.The focus of Rick's work has been on helping organizations close the gap between strategy and execution, and past clients range from Bayer Pharmaceuticals and The Coca-Cola Company to Goldman Sachs and Subaru of America. He has co-authored three books on leadership and has authored chapters for several books. Rick is also the author of On Leadership blog.

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"Globally linked virtual teams will transform every government and company in the world. Any of our peers who don’t do it won’t survive."

-John Chambers, CEO, Cisco

July 18, 2012

Whether your virtual teams are in the formation stage or have been operating for a few months – it is critical to ensure that they are set up for success and get off to a good start.  Organizations that proactively plan how to structure their virtual teams to set them up for success will see a better return on their investment than those that do not.
Here are some other guidelines to follow to ensure your organization will maximize its investment in remote work:
Keep Your Virtual Teams At a Manageable Size


April 25, 2012

Many organizations have migrated toward telecommuting and virtual work due to rising travel costs, a global customer base, and the dispersion of talent. While numerous organizations have made significant investments in virtual teams and the technology to support them, a surprising number of virtual teams are not successful.

March 9, 2012
It’s that time of year when business owners and senior executives take stock of the past twelve months. What did 2011 look like for you and your company?  The questions you could ask during your year-end assessment are endless. But there’s only one that really matters: Did your company effectively execute its plans and initiatives?
February 3, 2012

OnPoint Consulting’s global study on virtual collaboration found that top performing virtual teams reported higher levels of trust than teams that were less successful, which means that trust is an essential ingredient for virtual team success. 

Despite the importance of trust to virtual collaboration it can take much longer to build trust when working from a distance because team members rarely see one another and, quite often, have never met in person.

September 28, 2011