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Guillermo Corea is the managing director of SHRMLabs, SHRM’s (Society for Human Resource Management) workplace innovation lab, and venture capital arm. With more than 20 years of experience in digital technology, he  SHRMLabs’ efforts in the  of new technologies that create better workplaces. Prior to this, Corea served as Director, Digital Media and Business Development, overseeing SHRM’s  operations. Corea has held positions at Scripps Networks and at telecom networking company Spirent Communication plc. among others. Connect with Corea on LinkedIn and Twitter.


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As our world evolves so does the human resources (HR) landscape. Often, though, not on the same scale or at the same rate as other industries and our business counterparts.

This must change.

The pandemic has affected all businesses, HR is no exception. Our workplaces have never been more ripe for change.

The majority of Californians, and Americans alike, spend the bulk of their waking hours “in the workplace.” It’s no great secret that a strong sense of belonging at work results in increased performance, reduced turnover, and a decrease in sick days.

February 2, 2021