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Ludmila N. Praslova, Ph.D. (Industrial/Organizational Psychology) SHRM-SCP is the Director of Research and Professor with Graduate Programs in Industrial/Organizational Psychology at Vanguard University of Southern California.

Prior to her academic career, she built and led successful intercultural relations programs and facilitated cross-cultural collaboration in global organizations. She uses her extensive experience with global, cultural, demographic, ability, and neurodiversity, and cultural psychology research to help create inclusive and equitable workplaces.

Her recent work is focused on supporting organizations in creating systems for inclusive thriving informed by an understanding of intersectional diversity. In addition to belonging, inclusion, and diversity, her areas of expertise include organizational effectiveness, organizational culture assessment and change, facilitating creativity and innovation, and training and training evaluation.

Her peer-reviewed work was published in Industrial and Organizational Psychology: Perspectives on Science and Practice; Educational Assessment, Evaluation and Accountability, and Assessment Update. She is the editor of the upcoming book “Evidence-Based Organizational Practices for Diversity, Inclusion, Belonging and Equity” (Cambridge Scholars).


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There is no shortage of advice about the “best” approach to productivity. Yet somehow, many of us feel that we are doing both too much and not enough. Productivity stress can even affect our sleep and our mental health.

The experts are very sure of themselves - but their advice is often contradictory. 

“The best place to work is the office.” “The best place to work is home.” “The best place to work is the coffee shop.”

May 20, 2021




Complaining about HR’s work in diversity is rather “on-trend.” Some social media posts and articles call HR too compliance-oriented, too legalistic. Others call it too soft. One commenter complained that HR shot down their brilliant plan “to fire old people and hire young people.” In this case - kudos, HR.

May 3, 2021



Imagine that you just had a surgical procedure, and your boss threatened to punch you where it hurts if you did not take on a project nobody wants.

Imagine that you had a peanut allergy, and your coworkers threatened to slip some peanut butter in your lunch if you did not pick up extra work.

April 2, 2021



Just when we think that there is a light at the end of the long, long tunnel of health, economic, political and social crises… more terrible news hit us, intensifying group-level and individual-level stress.

And prolonged, compounded stress can tax our ability to cope and lead to behaviors that only make the situation worse.

March 23, 2021

Crafting the Calling: Job Matching and Job Crafting 

I was 14, and it was job craft or die.

March 16, 2021


Your organization and you personally are committed to diversity, to hiring and retaining top talent of all backgrounds.

But you keep getting derailed.

February 10, 2021



WORK 3.0.

Not Work 2.0 – that was the scrambling and experimenting, adrenaline-fueled productivity, and Zoom fatigue of the pandemic.

I hope that Work 3.0 will be a well-planned, evidence-based transition to better, more human, more productive, more meaningful post-pandemic work. 

January 5, 2021



We’ve heard this so many times: diversity is being invited to the party, inclusion is being asked to dance. BUT – what if you don’t dance?

November 30, 2020