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Thought leader, executive coach, and organizational development expert, Roxi Bahar Hewertson, brings over three decades of practical leadership experience in the worlds of higher education, business, and non-profits. She has taught this body of knowledge at Cornell University’s School of Industrial and Labor Relations where she received her Master’s Degree.Roxi is a certified Presence Based® Coach and ACC with the International Coaching Federation. She is the author of recently published book “Hire Right, Fire Right: A Leader’s Guide To Finding And Keeping Your Best People” (Rowman & Littlefield 2020). Her other highly acclaimed book, “Lead Like it Matters…Because it Does” (McGraw-Hill 2014) has been read by leaders all over the world. and was recently translated into Chinese.

With a successful career focused on developing high performing leaders, Roxi has become one of the foremost experts on helping executives and managers create thriving teams and work cultures to achieve great results. Her no-nonsense, practical, tell-it-like-it-is insights have been featured by Forbes, Inc., Society for Human Resource Management, Entrepreneur Magazine,, Fox Business News, Training Industry magazine, Chief Learning Officer magazine, as well as gracing the TEDx stage.

Roxi also served as Director of Administration, Facilities and Finance at Cornell, has coached over 150 senior leaders in academia, business, and non-profits. She has taught her live and virtual leadership courses to over 4,000 people, and is an inspirational keynote speaker at conferences across the country.

Roxi Bahar Hewertson is the Principle and CEO of Highland Consulting Group, Inc. based in Brevard, North Carolina.


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I wish I may, I wish I might, have the wish I wish tonight…

January 6, 2021


When you are a human resource professional or hiring leader, firing right is just as important a part of your job as is hiring right. No one wakes up in the morning looking forward to terminating a staff member’s employment. In fact, people hate it so much they often wait far too long. While firing the right way won’t eliminate all the pain for either party, it will make the conversation much more palatable.

November 5, 2020