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Marion Andeson 

Marion Anderson, Chartered MCIPD, graduated from Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) in Scotland in 2014 as a mature student after discovering a passion for driving business results through people during her extensive leadership career in international retail operations working for brands such as Levi Strauss, Calvin Klein and French Connection.  While working in a front-line People Leadership role with Apple Retail in the UK, she decided to undertake a Master’s program at GCU in International HR Management.  Her passion for developing true global professional experience inspired her to pursue the professional standards curriculum set by SHRM, as well as accreditation by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD). So far she has lived and worked in Mumbai, Kuwait, Dubai, London as well as at home in Scotland and is now completing an 18-month program in Orange County, California under her SHRM sponsored J1 visa with the award-winning digital advertising agency Channel Bakers.  She has been a SHRM member since 2013.


Katie Rudolph is the Compliance & Engagement Specialist, working with SHRM's intern and trainee program participants and sponsor organizations. She has over 15 years of experience with international exchange program management, social media outreach, and strategic planning and development. Prior to SHRM, Katie worked as the program manager at Alfred Friendly Press Partners, a J-1 visa sponsor organization, and supported international education and study abroad programming at the International Student Exchange Program in Washington, DC. She earned her MA in European Studies from Universiteit van Amsterdam in the Netherlands and her BA in History from University of the South in Tennessee, and has lived and taught in Paris, France.


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Marion Anderson and Katie Rudolph


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