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Angela is an HR professional with over twenty years of experience focusing on change management within the recruitment, healthcare, facility maintenance and hospitality industries. Her expertise focuses on compliance, organizational development, behavioral profiling, executive direct placement and management training. Angela turns workplace chaos into productivity by developing high-performance teams.

Throughout her career, Angela has consulted for many companies that relied on her strong organizational skills and ability to develop its workforce to meet business goals. With experience in both public and private sectors, she has provided outsourced services, managed small and large projects. Angela has advised executive and senior management through stages of creation, growth and stabilization and excels in fast-paced workforce growth across the United States.

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When looking to promote internal candidates for management positions, how do you recognize and determine leadership ability? For me, it is in the day to day movements of the candidate. How they navigate throughout their day and how they behave is the biggest factor.

July 30, 2020