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Caroline Vernon is a self-proclaimed ambassador of job seekers. Caroline’s proven and progressive experience leading organizational growth and change, talent management initiatives, training and recruiting initiatives has led her to become a valuable partner and thought leader in the Outplacement and Career Management industry.  Caroline served as Co-Founder of DisruptHR Omaha and is a frequent presenter at DisruptHR events around the U.S.

Caroline specializes in working with organizations experiencing rapid growth and/or transition. She provides strong thought leadership, innovation, partnership and guidance. She is a frequent keynote speaker, webinar host and has delivered many workshops to thousands of professionals across North America.


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Getting laid off is never easy, but the coronavirus crisis has made the experience even more harrowing for many workers today. You may have already heard about organizations laying off employees en-masse via gigantic Zoom meetings or emails. When these terrible tales started making the news, I was truly shocked.

April 15, 2020



As HR professionals, we pay a lot of attention to first impressions. We create positive candidate and employee experiences. We work hard to set our employees up for success from their first day. We put well thought-out strategies in place, strategies that often involve time and money we believe to be well worth our investment.

But what about an employee’s last day?

July 18, 2019