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As Chief Marketing Officer for ClearedJobs.Net/CyberSecJobs.Com, both veteran owned companies, Kathleen Smith spearheads the community-building, and communications outreach initiatives catering to the both organizations’ many audiences including security cleared job seekers, cybersecurity candidates and  military personnel as well as cleared facilities and cyber security employers. Kathleen has built key relationships with recruiting industry leaders as well as community insiders over the last 18 years in the community.

Kathleen has presented at several security conferences on recruiting and job search within the cyber security world to include BSidesLV, DerbyCon, and FedCyber. Kathleen volunteers in the cybersecurity community; she is the Director, HireGround, BSidesLV’s two day career track; Women in Cybersecurity, National Conference Planning Committee, and Women in Cybersecurity Celebration Planning Committee. Kathleen is a frequent contributor to The CyberWire on recruiting and job search within the cybersecurity community and was featured in a two part Federal Game Changers podcast. Finally, Kathleen is co-founder and current President of recruitDC, the largest community of recruiters in the Washington, D.C. area.


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Community engagement is one of those phrases we hear frequently. We share that we’re involved and that we give back, but what does this really mean for the bottom line of workforce management? After several years in the cyber security community I can tell you it means a lot, not only to your bottom line but also to your retention, recruitment, and training efforts.

May 10, 2019