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Early on, Kathy knew she wanted a career in HR and began working as a generalist with Four Seasons Hotels while finishing her MBA. She spent time progressing in HR leadership roles within Fortune 500s and start-ups, and throughout sought to blend her MBA and HR background. She worked side-by-side with business leaders, honing her skills with executive chefs, country directors and CEOs. Kathy’s entrepreneurial bent, competitive spirit and desire to run a business has made hrQ a perfect fit.

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I spoke at a conference five years ago in which I declared, “resumes suck.”  The context was about over-inflated resumes filled with key words, and on the other side, employers who dismiss great talent based on a piece (or ten) of paper. In short, resumes needed to be retired and replaced with a more dynamic way of matching talent with needs.

March 15, 2018