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Relying on a decade of leading global talent teams, Andre is a strategic-thinking senior talent acquisition leader who pushes the boundaries of "what's next" in recruiting. From social media recruiting to passive candidate attraction via digital marketing web landing pages powered by Jobvite Engage, he’s devoted his entire career to creating, evolving and executing successful recruiting strategies across four continents. Andre currently works with C-Suite leadership with Fortune 500 companies to create and drive unique global talent acquisition and employer branding initiatives. Before Jobvite, he built out, hired and directly managed the global Inbound & Outbound Sourcing Teams for the Salesforce Marketing Cloud supporting roles across all division and across four continents.  He’s also a public speaker at conferences and webinars on talent acquisition. 


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The last few weeks of the Covid19 pandemic have been unlike anything we have seen in the workforce during our lifetime with excellent coverage from SHRM. On top of the health risks of a global pandemic, we are adjusting to entire companies shifting from working alongside each other to working from home. As if that wasn’t challenging enough, schools have closed and working parents are now part-time educators (and tech support for the various educational software systems).

April 7, 2020



The life of a recruiter isn’t easy. It’s hard enough trying to find, engage and deliver amazing talent to our companies. Yet hundreds of HR leaders have shared that their biggest roadblock is actually internal: working with their own hiring managers (HMs).

December 11, 2019


Welcome to the age of the “hyper hopper” where employees are changing companies every few years.  The days of tenure, pensions, and retiring from the company you started are more fairy-tale than reality.       

November 13, 2018



Ladies, you Deserve All the Money in the World; Here are 3 Tips to Make Sure You Get it

July 31, 2018


Want to start a passionate conversation with a recruiter?  Ask them, “How much of your time is spent screening applicants?”.  From running global recruiting teams to speaking to hundreds of recruiting professionals over the past decade, they’ve shared that as much as an astounding 25% of their time went to reviewing applicants to job postings.      

April 12, 2018



As someone who’s built, managed, and now advises hundreds of global talent acquisition teams, one question that repeatedly comes up is: How can we hire for “grit” - that quality of tenacity that ensures your next hire will stick it out through the good and bad times. 

January 10, 2018



In 10 year’s leading and working with over 100 global talent acquisition teams I’ve found there is only one thing more powerful than your resume: your professional network.  I’ve playfully dubbed mine my, “council of elders” and naturally one of the first questions I get from professionals at all levels of HR when I speak at conferences is: How do I build my own.   Here’s what I recommend. 

September 12, 2017


August kicks off with many of us putting our kids on the bus to return to school before we head to work again, saying goodbye to a key part of the summer workforce: interns. 

Chances are at this very moment, as summer internships wind down, your HR team is reviewing feedback and trying to evaluate a good or bad year’s crop of talent. 

Here are three quick tips to help you reinvent the internship.

August 9, 2017
Why the most important HR hire of 2017 may be one you haven’t heard of.
If you can only make one HR in hire in 2017, hire a…”
“Attention Talent Leaders:  Define 2017 with one game-changing HR Hire”
December 12, 2016


It finally happened Wednesday night.  The lovable losers, The Chicago Cubs, raised the World Series trophy as champions.  In doing so, they erased 108 years of frustration.  As the world watched (and celebrated) with them, I couldn’t stop thinking how much of their story mirrors situations often faced by today’s talent leaders.

A new leader rarely walks into a good situation.

November 4, 2016