Webcast: Social HR

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The Future of the Human Resource Profession

Presenter: Anna Tavis, Ph.D., HR People & Strategy (HRPS) 

January 28, 2014 - 2 p.m. ET / 11 a.m. PT 
Program length: 60 minutes

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    Are you ready for the next generation of HR management? In the coming decades, demographic and technology trends will transform our profession. This change will bring with it new demands on HR and require new skillsets. In this webcast, Dr. Anna Tavis, executive editor of People and Strategy Journal and a member of the HRPS board of directors will discuss this new model -- "social HR" -- which combines social media technology with key HR functions include talent acquisition, skills development and people management. She will outline how this new approach will play out in five key areas:

  • Organizational structure. (Hierarchies are going away. What is HR's role in "bossless" organizations?)
  • Recruitment. (How does HR identify new talent and leverage an employer brand?)
  • Performance Management. (In flat organizations, how is performance tracked, skill gaps identified and productivity improved?)
  • Training and skills acquisition. (With the pace of technology accelerating, how does HR identify and develop necessary skill sets?)
  • Developing organizational leaders. (In a peer-based management environment, how are corporate leaders identified and developed?)

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