Social Media in the Workplace - Stats for 2012

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Hopefully, we all understand that social media is not a fad and is not going anywhere anytime soon. Social Media is not only changing how we communicate with family and friends but it’s changing how we do business.

I gathered the most recent reports from SHRM and others that was a conglomeration of outstanding information and really wanted to create a visual to show how HR is incorporating social media, not only in their everyday lives, but into their workplaces.

If we could adjust our thinking and put away our thoughts of outlawing social media from our workplaces and instead think in terms of “How can I monopolize on Social Media” to create a more engaged and productive workforce using it as internal collaboration tools and customer and employee engagement, then I guarantee you we will start seeing results inside our organizations.

Social Media can be such a valuable tool to engage with colleagues, customers, job seekers and more. It’s simply a matter of restructuring and strategizing our cultures and business to a more social business model.

Take a look: