SHRM LINE (Leading Indicators of National Employment) Report: JANUARY 2014

News Updates
In January, layoff rates will fall in manufacturing and
services compared with a year ago, while job growth will
be tempered in both sectors, according to the Society
■ Hiring will be limited in January. A net of 26.7
percent of manufacturers and a net of 28.9 percent of
service-sector companies will add jobs in January.
■ Recruiting difficulty was mixed in December.
Difficulty in recruiting candidates for key jobs
decreased in manufacturing and rose sharply in services
in December.
■ Most types of job openings decreased in December.
Vacancies fell for salaried and nonsalaried manufacturing
jobs in December compared with a year ago.
The LINE Employment Report examines four key
areas: employers’ hiring expectations, new-hire
compensation, difficulty in recruiting top-level
talent and job vacancies. It is based on a monthly
survey of private-sector human resource professionals at
more than 500 manufacturing and 500 service-sector
companies. Together, these two sectors employ more
than 90 percent of the nation’s private-sector workers.
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