SHRM - AARP Strategic Workforce Planning


SHRM and AARP jointly conducted this survey which asked HR professionals about their organization’s strategic workforce planning activities in preparation for the potential skill gaps that may occur as younger workers enter and older workers exit the workforce. Nearly three-quarters of HR professionals (72%) described their organization’s loss of talent due to older workers retiring/leaving their organization as a “problem” or “potential problem”; however, only a small percentage of organizations (5%) have implemented specific policies and management practices in anticipation of this potential talent loss. Approximately one-half of organizations (51%) indicated that writing in English (grammar, spelling, etc.) was the top basic skill observed among older workers that is not readily seen among younger workers, while 52% of organizations reported professionalism/work ethic is the top applied skill that younger workers are less likely to exhibit. Almost one-half of organizations (45%) have increased training and cross-training efforts in order to prepare for the potential skills gaps and/or to retain and recruit older workers.