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Glassdoor is a free career community where anyone can find and share an inside look at jobs and companies. The platform, launched in 2007, aims to make job seekers more informed and satisfied with career decisions. Glassdoor provides company data, ratings and reviews on employee satisfaction, the hiring process, CEO approval, salaries as well as other pros and cons. On the platform, users can access and contribute to information on more than 220,000 companies in over 190 countries. 
Glassdoor also provides users with millions of job listings through Jobscope. This search technology allows job seekers to browse job listings and preview in-depth details on companies directly from the listings. Job listings are matched to the user’s skills, interests and pay requirements, eliminating the tedious process often associated with job hunting. 
Inside Connections is another tool Glassdoor offers, allowing users to leverage their Facebook networks to uncover social connections at companies they are interested in. Do we want to add that this is similar to well-know platforms such as BranchOut and Monster’s BeKnown? That way we can include links to them as well and can tweet at them. We could also pose a question on social / a poll on Facebook asking which users prefer? For more information on this Glassdoor, click here