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This was first published as the “Ask HR” column in USA TODAY.


Those who know me understand that I can act as a provocateur in conversations. I question. I disagree. I offer a counter-point.

November 6, 2018


There is always some level of risk when you delve into the world of politics. I’m cool with that because this is a topic that is critical in my opinion. Now, take a deep breath before you read on. This isn’t a post that is for or against any candidate or issue. I don’t know how to do that objectively because everyone has different views, beliefs and affiliations.

One thing I hope we all can agree on is this . . . voting.

November 6, 2018



As HR professionals, I know you have a passion for helping people and addressing the challenges they face. 

Your employees who are American citizens living overseas have the right to vote in U.S. elections — from anywhere in the world.

Though voting absentee from outside the U.S. has gotten easier, many voters could still use some help overcoming potential obstacles, including:

June 1, 2016