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5 Conversations You Should Be Having with Your Employees

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April 6, 2015


We all know about Reading, Writing and Arithmetic from our childhoods – the 3 Rs.

In the HR and talent management world, there are another 3 Rs that are critical to the success of an HR organization – Recruitment, Retention and Relationships. As much focus that is placed on the first 2, it seems the relationship piece of the puzzle is often missing. And that’s a shame, because it is vital to the success of the organization, including the recruitment and retention pieces.

It's the people!

March 26, 2015


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February 25, 2015


The world has transformed since the turn of the twenty-first century, yet why are we recruiting the same way we did in the 90s?

Fifteen years ago, I co-founded my first staffing company. We filled jobs by running ads on job boards and by matching up resumes based on keywords. As I look around at the hiring strategies of companies today, not much has changed.

February 17, 2015

Talent pools are something we all should be well aware of as HR Leaders. As we work with our recruiters or do the recruiting ourselves, finding the right employees to fill open roles and adding staff to support our business goals is an essential function of what we do. Yet, sometimes the challenge rests not in our ability to chart the depths; rather, it is the fact that we can already see the bottom.

Nursing Shortages?

February 11, 2015


Updated daily, the HR News home page is your one-stop shop for the latest news and featured articles. This page compiles top staff-written and external news of general interest to HR, plus major stories in the HR Disciplines.


Textual Feelings in the Workplace

By Donald D. Gamburg  © 2015 Ogletree Deakins  2/9/2015

February 11, 2015


Organizations report that their global mobility programs are critical to supporting new business growth, improving financial performance, and enhancing employee engagement, succession planning and talent management.

But organizations also say the mobility function remains a low strategic priority. And while many new expatriate assignments are predicted for the new year, a majority of companies report that their global mobility programs do not deliver value for the money spent.

Mobility Program Benefits Recognized

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January 15, 2015


Now that all the Year in Review and Year in Pictures articles have concluded, it’s time to move on to the predictions for the coming year. I’m by no means an “official” prognosticator. Yet I see a trend that has been building over the last several months – a renewed emphasis on performance management in relation to talent management and people management – that leads me to believe that 2015 might be the year of performance management.

January 14, 2015


Regarding third-party staffing arrangements, how should staffing firms and their clients prepare?

By Ilyse Schuman, Russell Chapman and Neil Alexander, © Littler   

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January 13, 2015

Yogi Berra, the former New York Yankee baseball player known for his pithy comments and witticisms, could have been talking to HR leaders about talent analytics when he coined this phrase. Today, talent analytics is, or should be, at the heart of your talent management solution.

Talent analytics and organizational success

December 10, 2014


Having worked with many Hiring managers across different functions I have seen that most of them, especially new managers are not comfortable in interviewing candidates. Bringing the best people onto the team was always on top of their mind, yet not having the key talent assessment skills gets them in trouble in establishing the best team.

December 9, 2014


Talent acquisition for the enterprise is a challenging proposition in this era of talent shortage. Despite the lingering effects of the Great Recession and the fact that for many it seems like we are still in a recession. According to Rahaf Harfoush, co-author of the New York Times best-seller The Decoded, 1 out of 3 employers today say they are unable to fill key roles.

The Talent Warehouse – A Proactive Tool for Recruitment and Succession Planning

November 13, 2014


 Getting hiring right requires getting interviewing right


Too many companies’ interviewing tactics are hurting their chances of rooting out top performers, said Geoff Smart and Alan Foster during their keynote session at the Staffing World 2014 conference, held Oct. 13-15 near Washington, D.C. But a multitude of common hiring mistakes can be corrected if staffing professionals and hiring managers simplify their interviewing process.

Smart and Foster asked conference attendees what kind of interviewers they were.

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October 23, 2014

When zombie apocalypse survivors extol their employer’s benefits, that company is worth a second look...

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September 18, 2014

Much like the life of movie character Ryan Bingham, a corporate downsizer played by George Clooney, the future of talent acquisition is up in the air.

August 25, 2014

A strong performance by the U.S. economy in the second quarter of 2014 seems to be intensifying employer demand for finding and hiring the best salespeople possible. And this increased competition for hiring the top-level talent is putting pressure on recruiters and human resource managers to re-examine their own sales techniques.

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August 13, 2014

Many organizations fail to manage talent effectively because they are stuck using outdated practices and narrow ways of thinking, according to a webcast sponsored by global consulting firm Mercer.

The June 26, 2014, webcast “New Frontiers in Talent Management” focused on steps that HR professionals can take to help their organizations compete more effectively in the war for talent.

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July 24, 2014