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As many companies are still in the midst of their planning for 2014, there are a number of factors that will impact the way they hire new talent and manage their employees. As the HR space is constantly changing, with new ideas and technologies constantly cropping up, organizations need to identify how the latest developments can improve their talent management processes and figure out how they can be integrated into their current systems.

January 6, 2014

Social media is not on the list of top workforce trends for 2014. Mobile applications (apps) for work, however, are. In fact, they’re No. 1.

So said HR software developer PeopleMatter in a webinar it gift-wrapped just in time for the holidays called Naughty or Nice? Top 10 Workforce Trends and Whether They’ll Be Good or Bad for Your Brand in 2014.

Why mobile apps?

December 10, 2013

On December 4, @WeKnowNext chatted with Eric B. Meyer (@Eric_B_Meyer) about HR's 2013 Performance Review.

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December 4, 2013

It’s small, it weighs very little, and it has the potential to disrupt millions of workplaces.

Google Glass is that cool new toy you’ve been hearing about. A lightweight band worn like regular glasses that features a camera and a small display screen, Glass can take videos, display directions and browse the Internet. It can even be operated by voice command.

Possibilities for workplace benefits are beginning to emerge: Surgeons can get real time data while tending to a patient. Businesses can capture even more data about customers and their buying habits.

November 26, 2013

On October 30, @weknownext chatted with Jim Stroud (@JimStroud) and Aliah Wright (@1SHRMscribe) on Spreecast and Twitter about The Building Blocks of Social Recruiting.

In case you missed it, here is the link to watch the archive of the conversation on Spreecast.

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October 30, 2013

Social recruiting remains one of the hottest and most discussed trends in the human resources profession, yet many recruiters have been slow to join the bandwagon. 

October 29, 2013

Sometimes the one word can mean different things to different people. In the HR space, gamification is one of those words. Gather a group of HR pros and casually throw out the word to see what I’m talking about first hand. This newest HR technology either brings to mind fond thoughts of leaderboards and interactive play or elicits eye rolls and skeptical glares.

October 22, 2013

With the number of job seekers using smartphones and tablets growing daily, it’s little surprise that creating mobile-friendly career sites is a top priority for recruiting leaders.

Although much of the focus on optimizing mobile recruiting centers on the device interface—fitting content to different screen sizes and ensuring that navigation is touch-screen friendly—experts say more attention should be paid to critical matters such as creating job applications that are easy to complete on mobile devices.

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October 16, 2013

The recent firing of an Internet executive who had posted inflammatory tweets serves as a warning to managers and employees alike: Reckless social media utterances can have serious ramifications.

Pax Dickinson lost his job as chief technology officer at news website Business Insider this month amid an uproar over his Twitter posts that readers viewed as misogynistic, racist, homophobic and against working poor people.

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October 4, 2013

Those who remember The Andy Griffith Show wouldn’t ordinarily picture a sheriff’s office as a place swarming with back-stabbing and gossip. Enter the sheriff’s office of the city of Hampton, Va.

How Dare You Like Someone Else

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September 24, 2013

Facebook has always been a tough nut to crack for corporate recruiters. Although the world’s largest social media platform has approximately 1 billion accounts, most Facebook users aren’t actively searching for a new job on the site, and extracting accurate, reliable and even usable candidate-sourcing data has been difficult at best.

However, a new software application from Work4 Labs in San Francisco could be the Facebook nutcracker and candidate-sourcing tool that recruiters have been waiting for, according to the company's CEO, Stephane Le Viet.

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September 23, 2013

For some time, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter have been the “big three” of social media, but a new and very powerful player has changed the social media landscape: Google+. Already overwhelmed with the multiple options and rapidly expanding time and resource commitments required to remain relevant across multiple communication channels, HR consultants now find themselves faced with a big decision—stick with LinkedIn or become engaged with Google+? Or both?

The HR Consultant’s Perspective

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September 18, 2013

The Next Blog was created to help facilitate a conversation between practicing HR pros and non-HR audiences about the strategic importance of the HR profession. Next Official Bloggers create and contribute meaningful posts that explore the latest trends and best practices for the HR profession.

We compiled a list of Next Official Bloggers as a resource for our readers. You can find them below with the links to their individual author pages on the Next Blog, to their Twitter profiles and to their personal blogs, as well.


August 29, 2013
Having a social media policy—and training employees to follow it—are critical practices for every organization. Even if your company is not using social media, you still need a policy because your employees are using it in their private lives and they need guidelines to protect your interests and your organization’s reputation.
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August 29, 2013

On August 28, @weknownext chatted with special guests, HR and Social Media "Nextperts," Aliah Wright (@1SHRMScribe),  Jay Kuhns (@JayKuhns), Jessica Miller (@blogging4jobs

August 28, 2013
Organization leaders should take a cue from their employees and spend some time on social media, experts said.
Even though employees may misuse social media—and need to be trained on what is and is not acceptable—it is a powerful tool that companies can use to promote ethical practices and culture, a recent study found.  
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August 27, 2013

Did you know that 43 percent of companies block their employees from social networking sites, according to SHRM research? Yet, statistics show that by 2014, that number will drop to fewer than 30 percent.

The fear is that they’ll goof off on Facebook, look for jobs on LinkedIn, or Tweet something that could damage the corporate brand.

But nothing can be further from the truth.

Let’s look at some stats.

August 23, 2013

On August 7, @weknownext chatted with special guest Emilie Mecklenborg (@EmilieMeck) about the importance of creating a personal brand.

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August 7, 2013
The definitive guide for using social media to build more effective organizations.
August 6, 2013
What’s more important – experience or influence?  IQ or Klout?  These are the questions companies are beginning to ask as we move from a knowledge economy to a social economy.
August 2, 2013