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Sharing our lives through social media, rather than living our lives on it

April 30, 2018


Could you write a job description using 30 words? How about 30 hashtags?

In this post, I’ll make the case for incorporating Instagram into your recruiting efforts.

(Photo cred: @deschutesbeer)

To consider using Instagram for recruiting, recruiters have to clear one mental hurdle:

Job postings don’t have to be words anymore.

September 22, 2015


"Son, paint's the last thing you do when you're painting a house."

My father's words of many years ago as his naive son attempted to dive into a Victorian house reclamation that needed much more than paint. In many ways it was a parable for life- and my first real lesson in social media- a decade before social media even existed.

March 10, 2015

We often hear that our supervisors are our eyes and ears in helping to ensure legal compliance and minimize risk.  This is true when it comes to social media, but only if supervisors receive training on what to do and what not to do.  The do’s and don’ts of social media are not always intuitive. Here are ten of the more common mistakes that supervisors make in the absence of adequate training:

July 22, 2014

Is Twitter right for you?  Listen to Sharlyn Lauby's advice on how HR professionals can get started on Twitter.


July 14, 2014