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Competency is defined as an ability or skill. Every profession has competencies. And we want competencies; they are the things that make us successful. You could say that jobs are made up of tasks (the actual things we do) and competencies (the skills we need to do them).

August 21, 2015

SHRM Certification Holders to Get Digital Badges

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July 7, 2015

SHRM CEO, Hank Jackson

April 13, 2015

Register for SHRM Certification Testing by April 17

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April 7, 2015


Have you heard about the new #SHRM certifications?

Our quick Q&A with Kennesaw State University HR program manager Jennifer Henderson will answer your questions about what these changes mean for the human resources industry. 


March 26, 2015

Over the past ten years, there has been increased emphasis on HR competencies as a means to increase the HR profession’s effectiveness. 

The profession is changing and growing more rapidly than ever before. Organizations are now demanding greater creativity and productivity from their HR teams, and this will require HR professionals to possess specific competencies to support the desired results.

March 10, 2015


In today’s complex global economy, HR has evolved to become a key leadership position and businesses expect more of HR professionals than ever before. As I have written before, this profession is being challenged to keep up with the rapidly changing world of work.

January 14, 2015


Dear SHRM Member,

As the end of another year draws near, I wanted to take this opportunity to extend my warmest wishes and thank you again for being a part of SHRM.

December 23, 2014


I spent the last week at the SHRM Volunteer Leader Summit in Washington, DC.  It is one of my favorite events because the attendees are some of the most active and engaged members that SHRM has.  It’s also very cool in that people come from all fifty states and also US territories.

November 26, 2014

More than 850 HR leaders from across the United States gathered Nov. 20 - 22, 2014, at the Marriott Marquis in Washington, D.C. for the 2014 SHRM Volunteer Leaders Summit.  

Check out these highlights from the conference:


November 20, 2014


We are making great progress on the development of the HR profession’s new competency-based certification, and we are excited for the January 5, 2015 launch. We have some new information to share with you. Today we are announcing the members of theSHRM Certification Commission, an advisory group for SHRM’s certification.

November 7, 2014

Dr. Alex Alonso, PHD, SPHR, and Vice President of Research for SHRM discusses how the competency-based credentialing is the standard for a wide range of professions and the right direction for the HR Profession.  


November 7, 2014

I am a dad.  It has to be the greatest accomplishment I’ve ever had, or will ever have.  My kids are on the verge of being adults now so they are doing more and more on their own.  What I’m finding is how easy it is to take a small amount of information and blow it out of proportion if you are missing context.  I’m seeing this both from them spreading their wings and having to make bigger life decisions as well as my wife and I letting them fly more.  We don’t always have context around what their decisions are, and it’s hard not to want to step in and “fix” things.

August 27, 2014