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John Wooden-if you are a basketball fan, this name speaks volumes.  For those of us over the age of 50 (for me almost 60) Coach Wooden is synonymous with success with class.  I often talk with others now about how many leaders seek success without class or without integrity, but short-term success without integrity is like sugar, the short term impact may help you get through a quick issue, but the long term impact of sugar is fleeting.

November 14, 2018

Six ways leaders can protect their reputation during a reduction in force

Impressions are a finite resource, which is why first impressions count. Yet now, more than ever, personal recommendations are spoiled by bad first impressions, and brand advocacy is sullied by negative PR.

In our social media-driven world, we must be aware of the impressions word of mouth creates—especially during sensitive situations such as workforce reductions.

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