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Onboarding seems to be getting all the attention these days when it comes to the employee experience—but what about offboarding?  

Reductions in force still happen and are never pleasant for anyone involved, but they shouldn’t necessarily be the end of an employee-employer relationship.

Smart organizations are using thoughtful offboarding programs to transform the relationship.

July 22, 2019



As HR professionals, we pay a lot of attention to first impressions. We create positive candidate and employee experiences. We work hard to set our employees up for success from their first day. We put well thought-out strategies in place, strategies that often involve time and money we believe to be well worth our investment.

But what about an employee’s last day?

July 18, 2019

Most organizations realize the importance of an effective onboarding experience for new employees.  They’ve moved past the ages-old idea that onboarding merely means a day of new employee orientation accompanied by checklists and realize that onboarding is a seamless experience that begins at the time of the accepted offer and continues well past the employee’s first day, week or even month.

June 3, 2014