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After months of online meetings, video conferences, Zoom, and Teams meetings, you’ve mastered the basics:

September 22, 2020

In Focus on Meetings: Those Maddeningly Mundane Time-Suckers

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October 6, 2015

On May 13, @SHRMnextchat chatted with Sharlyn Lauby (@Sharlyn_Lauby) about Too Many Meetings in the workplace.

In case you missed this excellent chat with great tips and advice, you can see all of the tweets here:

May 13, 2015

Think about your workplace and the meetings that you attend throughout the week. Which ones are well-run and which are a waste of time?

May 11, 2015

Business meetings are the bane of our professional lives. According to The Muse, managers spent between 35 – 50% of their time in meetings. That’s a pretty significant number.

May 8, 2015


Authors of new book promote unconventional ways to make meetings more meaningful

A decade ago, Eric Lindblad—vice president and general manager of Boeing’s 747 program—multiplied the number of people who attended his meetings by their average hourly rate and concluded that meetings were a pretty costly way to communicate.

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October 16, 2014