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New Research Spotlights HR Management Policies, Practices in U.S.

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September 14, 2015

No one has time to think anymore under the daily deluge of information and deadlines. With this relentless focus on getting stuff done, many people have lost the skills of critical and creative thinking. Like a muscle, thinking skills need to be built and maintained. You can help your team members through these strategies:

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June 17, 2014

The next time one of your employees admires your business suit, it’s OK to wonder if she’s sucking up.

More than one in five U.S. employees admit to complimenting managers to get on their good side—even if the flattery is a bunch of hooey.

Just be glad you aren’t a supervisor in India: Almost half of workers there (46 percent) say they sweet-talk their bosses even if they don’t mean it.

October 23, 2013
Welcome to leadership. You’re now a manager, with direct reports. Congratulations!
I moved into my first formal leadership role in my late 20s. I was a top sales performer, and I saw my promotion to sales management as the natural next step in my career. I was energized, armed with big ideas, and ready to change everything — immediately!
You already know what’s coming next.
August 28, 2013
In Reality-Based Leadership, expert Fast Company blogger Cy Wakeman reveals how to be the kind of leader who changes the way people think about and perceive their circumstances - one who deals with the facts, clarifies roles, gives clear and direct feedback, and insists that everyone do the same - without drama or defensiveness.
August 22, 2013
Dangle a carrot in front of a horse and he’ll pull the cart faster. Set down a bag of oats and a team of horses will come running. It doesn’t take more than a month in an HR office to figure out that incentives work pretty well on humans, too.
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August 22, 2013
At a time when professional development is mandatory at many companies and 360-degree feedback is the rage, nearly two in three CEOs in North America fail to seek outside leadership training, according to a recent survey led by Stanford University.
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August 20, 2013
Dear Mr/Ms Manager –
I hope you’re having a super week.  I realize it’s a busy time of year for you, but I trust you’ll indulge me and read this quick note that I’ve jotted down and sent to you about managing people.
No doubt you’ve attended some training courses/classes on how to effectively manage people.  And even if you never have, it’s pretty easy to find tips and resources ANYWHERE.  Go ahead – google “tips for managers” or something similar and you’ll find more info than you can possibly devour in a few sittings.
August 13, 2013
It is no secret that strategic leadership is critically important for today’s executives, and even more so for HR professionals charged with delivering HR services effectively and developing adaptive leaders who drive the business forward. 
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August 8, 2013
Countless leadership books, training materials, and even blogs tell managers and executives that in addition to providing actionable feedback to employees, they themselves have to be able to take feedback constructively. 
What if the threat of authority makes it too hard for subordinates to actually give feedback up the chain of command, though? 
July 15, 2013

Dr. Marie Harper is the Program Director for Management at American Public University.

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July 12, 2013
PHILADELPHIA—Is there a secret sauce to being a leader? 
While CEOs and others at a recent conference agreed there’s not one perfect leadership style, they also said one of the hallmarks is being adaptive.
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July 12, 2013
Many managers express frustration about not being included in strategic planning activities. They want to do more than participate as ancillary tacticians. These managers don’t realize that the reason they’re not called in to strategize is because they don’t demonstrate their ability to do so on a daily basis. To change this, managers must adjust how they view their roles.
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July 4, 2013
CHICAGO--The numbers are startling: 40 percent of executives fail in new positions in the first 18 months.
That adds up to considerable financial costs for a company that must search for and retrain someone else—not to mention what it costs the organization in terms of credibility, consistency and continuity.
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July 2, 2013
The NBA Finals are underway, and as I write this post the San Antonio Spurs are still enjoying a 1-0 series lead, primarily due to the steady play of their veteran stalwarts, Tim Duncan and
June 17, 2013

There’s so much talk about employee engagement these days. Companies are bending over backwards to attract, retain and engage the best talent with interesting work and top-notch benefits. They offer health insurance, 401Ks, tuition reimbursement and EAP.

April 12, 2013

We Know Next sat down with SHRM’s new CHRO, Dr. Jeff Pon, to learn more about the CHRO’s key role in today’s workforce and what’s next for the global workforce. In the first part of the interview, we explored the unique resources that SHRM offers CHROs and other senior HR leaders. Then we dug deeper; delving into Dr. Pon’s predictions into what are the rising trends in the global workforce and where SHRM is headed in the next 10 years. 

December 13, 2012
Updated 10/31/2012
In the wake of Hurricane Sandy and the devastation it brought, the following is an all-too timely reminder of pay and benefits issues that HR managers should bear in mind.
Although it is practically impossible to be fully prepared for any natural disaster, it is important for employers to be aware of employment laws that may be implicated in such situations.
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November 7, 2012

In case you missed it, here’s what happened on We Know Next this week.

Striking down the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) as unconstitutional Oct. 18, 2012, the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals noted that the law “has varying impact on more than a thousand federal laws.” That includes numerous federal employment laws, as the AFL-CIO noted in a friend-of-the-court brief filed in the 2nd Circuit case.

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November 2, 2012

In case you missed it, here’s what happened on We Know Next this week.

More than half (55 percent) of U.S. employees default to their current benefit coverage for the coming year, instead of actively reassessing their plan options, according to a 2012 survey by HR consultancy Aon Hewitt. What many workers do not realize is that the old selection may not be the best option.

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October 26, 2012