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Insurers Expect Larger Premium Rise for 2016

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May 27, 2015


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February 25, 2015


Related proposal addresses employment-based orientation periods 
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February 24, 2014

Companies looking to pare health costs by requiring working spouses to get health insurance through their own employer may find the move has some unexpected consequences, according to a new study by the nonprofit Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI).

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January 29, 2014

Workplace wellness programs can significantly lower health care costs by helping workers to better manage chronic diseases. However, encouraging workers to adopt healthier lifestyles may not noticeably reduce an employer's health costs or lead to lower net savings for otherwise healthy individuals, according to a new Rand Corp.

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January 16, 2014

U.S. employers expect their health benefit cost per employee to rise by 4.8 percent, on average, in 2014, according to a survey by consultancy Mercer. Cost growth slowed to 4.1 percent in 2012, a 15-year low. The projected increase for 2014, while still relatively low, represents a slight uptick.

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October 7, 2013

New penalties for fully insured plans that favor highly compensated employees

Although employers can be forgiven for focusing on the more pressing elements of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) that take effect in January 2014, there is another provision of the law that is not yet getting much attention—and it should.

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June 4, 2013

The 2012-2013 flu season has hit early and hard. The severity of the flu outbreak has left many employers pondering if their organizations’ health and attendance policies are helping or hampering their efforts to keep the flu from spreading.

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January 21, 2013