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A new Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) poll released on July 14, 2011, appears to have some good news for college students and graduates who are looking to enter the job market. The poll of nearly 350 HR professionals throughout the United States revealed that the number of employers hiring undergraduates in 2011 jumped 11 percentage points, from 30 percent to 41 percent, when compared to the results of a similar poll conducted in 2010.

September 21, 2011

Employers in the U.S. looking to recruit members of Generation Y for their workforces might want to consider their organizations’ social media strategies and incentives, according to survey findings from 8,088 university students from the Class of 2011.

For one, this generation—also known as Millennials and born from about 1980 through 2000— doesn’t mess around with job boards and employer postings.

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September 14, 2011

Women who are members of Generation Y are more hesitant about mixing their work and social media lives than their male counterparts, according to a new global survey.

While that gap between male and female attitudes is consistent among those surveyed in the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada, women in the U.S. are far more open to mixing work and social media.

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September 13, 2011

Workers from Generation Y (those born between 1980 and 2000) might be comfortable texting, talking, typing, Skyping, Googling and Facebooking simultaneously—and feel anxious and disconnected when they aren’t—but they are much more than a generation of tech-heads. The youngest generation of workers seeks balance, meaning and purpose so they can live and work.

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April 15, 2011