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Compliance is a big part of human resources. When HR does compliance right, it can give us time to do the other, more strategic parts of our job. Today’s reader question deals with one of the big compliance issues companies face: employee files.

March 25, 2014

Let the games begin!

But don’t let your employees stop working because of them. 

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February 6, 2014
When Teamwork Skills Are Lacking, What Do You Do?
I received a call from a potential client who was looking for some facilitated activities around teamwork. His goal was to enhance the teamwork skills of several team members who seemed to prefer working alone. When I asked him why he thought they preferred this and he said, “well they are introverted and you know how introverts are.”
January 29, 2014

Job applicants made to dance—for a non-dancing job. A grocery sacker serenading shoppers. An employee getting a tattoo of the company logo to snare a raise.

You couldn’t make these incidents up. OK, you could, but they’d be mistaken for old episodes of “The Office” or “Seinfeld,” instead of real stories of things gone awry in the workplace.

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December 31, 2013

If you're like most employees and managers, you dread the annual performance review. It's outdated and frozen in time. It's a relic of the way business used to work and doesn't capitalize on the way business works today. Can it be saved?

November 18, 2013

It is no brainer that employees who fit your organization’s culture stay longer and hiring the right match assures continued success.

Organizational culture is civilization in the workplace. – Alan Adler

November 14, 2013

There once was a shepherd boy who was bored as he sat on the hillside watching the village sheep. To amuse himself he took a great breath and sang out, "Wolf! Wolf!

November 11, 2013

Gallup released it's "State of the Global Business" report for 2013. The results are unbelievable.

According to Gallup:

1. Worldwide, only 13% of Employees are Engaged at work. 
2. The Actively Disengaged outnumber the Engaged 2 to 1 in the workplace.

So, if 2 of every 10 of your employees are engaged you are an above average organization?

More people hate their job than those who love it?

Are you willing to accept that?

...because I'm not!

November 7, 2013

How are new trends in biometric technology affecting employment?

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November 5, 2013

One of the less glamorous aspects of the HR profession is dealing with conflict and behavioral problems in the workplace.  It’s a hat they must wear, at some point, regardless of industry or size.

Most organizations have policies or codes of conduct that indicate which behaviors are -- and are not – acceptable in the workplace, and respect for these policies usually depends on the consistency with which they are enforced.

November 1, 2013

John Lasseter, best known for producing the films Toy Story, Finding Nemo, Monsters Inc., and The Incredibles, is chief creative officer at Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios.

But it wasn’t always so.

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October 25, 2013

Humor can inspire trust, advance careers, boost company reputation 

At Zappos.com, the online shoe business, the person answering calls is not the “receptionist”; he’s the “director of first impressions.”

At Texas-based BerylHealth, where health care workers advise clients by telephone, the company pairs employees with executives in a spoof of “Dancing with the Stars.”

And at San Diego-based Red Door Interactive, a business consultancy, one of the core values is this: “We are 100 percent jerk-free.”

October 24, 2013

“An employee's motivation is a direct result of the sum of interactions with his or her manager.” - Bob Nelson

But what if there are no interactions because – as a manager - you spend 90% of your time dealing with 10% of the employee population?   

October 7, 2013

While conducting leadership training not too long ago, an individual went on for several minutes about how he would never be a micromanager. In separate training with his staff, I found out that he, in fact was, a micromanager.
I often find this to be the case. Micromanager is such a negative word that no one wants to be defined that way. Yet it is the number one complaint from employees about their supervisors.

September 25, 2013
Welcome to leadership. You’re now a manager, with direct reports. Congratulations!
I moved into my first formal leadership role in my late 20s. I was a top sales performer, and I saw my promotion to sales management as the natural next step in my career. I was energized, armed with big ideas, and ready to change everything — immediately!
You already know what’s coming next.
August 28, 2013
At a time when professional development is mandatory at many companies and 360-degree feedback is the rage, nearly two in three CEOs in North America fail to seek outside leadership training, according to a recent survey led by Stanford University.
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August 20, 2013
Many managers express frustration about not being included in strategic planning activities. They want to do more than participate as ancillary tacticians. These managers don’t realize that the reason they’re not called in to strategize is because they don’t demonstrate their ability to do so on a daily basis. To change this, managers must adjust how they view their roles.
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July 4, 2013
CHICAGO--The numbers are startling: 40 percent of executives fail in new positions in the first 18 months.
That adds up to considerable financial costs for a company that must search for and retrain someone else—not to mention what it costs the organization in terms of credibility, consistency and continuity.
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July 2, 2013

I embolden job seekers on a daily basis to make sure they have a tailored job search strategy. Rather than just go about their job search randomly, I preach the importance of a strategy that is targeted, reviewed and adjusted on a daily basis. Ironically, those on the other side of the hiring line do not always seem to have the same focus.

May 13, 2013