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Adapting workplace traditions to fit today’s needs

Our world is dramatically different than it was only a decade ago. Today’s workplace sees a mix of ages, ethnicities, and creeds, not to mention a workforce that is splintered between on-site employees, freelancers and log-in remote workers.

May 12, 2016
This past week we celebrated a Team Member’s 30th anniversary !!  This is a rarity in any organization these days.  She truly is beloved.  When we sent out the notice that we were going to recognize her, many people, including several Executives and Senior Leaders, cleared their schedules to make sure they were present.
April 14, 2014


Employee award programs can be powerful motivators, but poorly designed ones can lead to unintended and negative consequences that can reduce their value and effectiveness.

In a Feb. 11, 2013, Harvard Business School working paper, The Dirty Laundry of Employee Award Programs: Evidence From the Field, researchers found that even simple programs can have broad and complex employee-behavior implications.

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May 16, 2013