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Age-Related Determinants of Retirement Planning and Turnover

Funded: November 2007  Completed: December 2010

Ruth Kanfer, Ph.D., School of Psychology, Georgia Institute of Technology

Executive Summary
Retirement and Post-Retirement Work Intentions during an Economic Downturn

April 8, 2011

It’s been said that “in youth we learn; in age we understand.” Those words may be prophetic when it comes to understanding the seismic impact an aging U.S. workforce could have on our way of life. There’s cause for concern—and a real need for action.

As the first Baby Boomers move into their sixties, a much smaller generation of lesser-skilled employees have begun entering our workforce. If we don’t accommodate the former, and better prepare the latter, the consequences could be severe and long term.

News Updates
November 16, 2010

Bruce Wilkinson discusses the role of professional development in creating multi-generational leaders in the workplace. 

September 21, 2010

Don Soderquist highlights the role of senior leaders in merging generations and developing teamwork within organizations. 

September 21, 2010

Angela Herrin, of the Harvard Business Review, talks about generational trends shaping work.

June 19, 2010