Neeraj Deginal


Neeraj is a passionate person with a never say die attitude. After extricating himself from his debt-laden situation for good, he had a desire to share his experience, which could help and motivate others and hence his book Zero Debts – Break the Debt Cycle and Re-Claim Your Life.

After becoming debt-free, he quit his full time job to become a part time IT Consultant. Neeraj lives in a rented house with his wife and daughters; his parents, elder brother and family living next door. He follows minimalism (has limited pairs of clothes and stuffs – donated the rest) and likes to keep things simple.

He is vegetarian, likes to eat healthy food and exercise to keep himself fit. When he is not working, he likes to spend time with family & friends, reading books, traveling and for community services.

Neeraj is a Trader (stock market) as well, his newfound love and passion.

Articles by Neeraj Deginal

Belief is a state of mind that people hold very close to their hearts. So, even if there is no proof to confirm the existence of this belief, people deem it to be true. Belief, also referred to as idea, principle, opinion or assumption, is essentially a characteristic of a person’s attitude. It is the way the person perceives and understands the world around him or her. In an organizational context, beliefs are fundamental to its culture.

September 4, 2017