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Mr. Asif Upadhye CFO at Never Grow Up, an employee engagement firm that works with HR and Business Leaders - across sectors to keep people at work happy, productive and actively engaged.

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Employee engagement is not just a buzz-word today. While it’s great that most organizations have come to value the importance of an engaged workforce, the obsession with the annual employee engagement surveys and award lists seems to be a case of misplaced importance. Granted that surveys are a great way to pool in copious amounts of data, that they help in establishing a base-line and the results can be insightful enough to guide you on the path ahead. But a survey is not the answer to everything (and that’s not just because surveys only have questions!).

March 15, 2017

How does it feel to be a crucial part of your company’s ethos?


Today, one of the contributing factors that helps measure the progress of a company is the people that work there. ‘The employees’ are the wheels that carry the organization from point A to Z. The happier this sector, the more the chances of the organization flourishing.

March 15, 2017

For decades, we've spoken about them behind their backs, made pot shots at their behaviour, their dressing style, cracked jokes about them and ridiculed their way of life. Today our mind cannot but think of this person we deal with [or rather have to deal with] every day. Oh yes, ladies and gentlemen, we are talking about your Boss!

Here are our top five reasons, on why we think, being a boss or a leader is tough work:

March 10, 2017

The term "Employer Branding", was first publicly introduced to a management audience in 1990 and was defined by Simon Barrow, Chairman of People in Business; and, Tim Ambler, Senior Fellow of London Business School. It was meant to denote an organisation’s reputation as an employer. Since then, it has gained considerable acceptance in the global management community.

March 10, 2017

Reading a post in the paper a few days ago got us thinking about how people (new employees) in a job might really look at their jobs and work life balance.

March 10, 2017