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Jeremy Ames is a leader in the HR Technology space. He is CEO of Hive Tech HR, a Massachusetts-based consultancy that services the lifecycle of HR technology, from creating a business case for a system, to selecting, implementing and enhancing technology to meet the business needs. Hive Tech works with US Domestic as well as global companies, and also partners with select software vendors to help implement their HR systems. Prior to founding the Hive Tech, Jeremy Ames was a Team Lead at NuView Systems, Senior Software Engineer at Fidelity Investments and International Systems Consultant at Maximus. He is the former CFO on the Board of Directors of IHRIM and member of the SHRM HR Management and Technology Expertise Panel. He is co-founder of upcoming WorkSpaceNext and has run the #HRISChat Tweetchat. Jeremy Ames holds a bachelor's degree in International Business from Washington University and an MBA from Clark University.

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In December of 2014, my list of 2015 predictions was topped by the following statement: "Training management finally has its day." It's now March, and time to clarify something very important about that statement. The software vendors themselves need to move the first chess piece. That realization came to me at a celebration of Holi, the spring festival of colors and love.

March 15, 2017

If you want a crash course in HR Tech that culminates in an illuminating talk about what’s next in WorkSpace technology, you’ve come to the right place. Over the next 3 months, as a lead up to my job as a Key Speaker at the SHRM India HR Tech ’15 Conference in Mumbai, I’ll take you through the ins and outs of HR Technology. In the 6 posts that follow, I’ll discuss some of the biggest topics in this space.

Here’s a rundown of the topics:

March 9, 2017