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#SHRMi16 Speaker Series: Meet Ritu Anand: The Bold HR is Fearless, Innovative, & a Strategic Thinker

What defines a bold HR - is the question on our (all) our minds. It’s also the theme of our Annual Conference and Exposition, so to find out what it’s all about, we went straight to the source.

Ritu Anand, Dy. Head, Gobal HR & Talent Management - TCS, shares her thoughts on the bold new HR.

The thought Ritu greets us with is, “Sometimes there is so much to say, but if I would have to sum it up in few words, the face of the bold new HR is going against the conventional system, is being fearless, and is about experimentation and going against old designed methods. We can’t move ahead if we don’t create a new path, design for tomorrow.”

When we asked her to build on to this train of thought and talk about the current HR scenario, she shared how we are constantly going back to the drawing board of business and operations to validate that HR is not doing only checklist jobs, but they should also be doing more than that. “We are very happy doing what is expected as per our offer letters. This attitude is eroding the value of HR over time. The thinking that HR is required only for hiring and not other valuable talent management decisions needs to change and we can see some shift in that already.”

For her take on analytics and digital in HR, she says there are many ways to articulate what we want and how we work with data and technology. “The ultimate solution of HR problems lies in data-driven solutions and analytics. HR faces attrition problems and data needs to be tapped for the answer. Data analytics will bring up statistics such as the percentage of people who’ve left the organization in say 15 years due to lack of stability or even career growth limitations.” “Rectifying measures can be taken. Hiring is a huge cost for any organization and analytics can help curb that. Some technologies come with heavy costs but basic technologies can be put to work to help HR.”

“The bold new HR can win the war for talent by thinking ahead strategically. We have to get cognitive scientists and socialists who’ve done research on people in our radar to help understand people better.”

“Resource allocation and training requires boldness. A lot of companies are doing so but many need to start thinking in that direction. Today’s environment is ready and fertile.”
We’re sure you want to hear more about this new image of the HR, understand this change and participate in finding solutions. Join us at the SHRM India Annual Conference and Exposition 2016 to do all this and more.

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