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5 Work Technologies For The Millennial Employee

Millennial employees are expected to change the workplace culture in the coming years. Born between 1980 and 2000, these employees are entering the employment in vast numbers and will form around 75% of global workforce by 2025 according to a Brookings Data Now report published in 2014.

The reason organizations are looking at millennial employees as major influencers on the HR strategies is that they possess certain traits and expectations which set them apart from the previous workforce generation. The Millenials know exactly what they want from their workplace, strive to climb the corporate ladder fast and expect tailormade perks.

Millennial employees are also highly technology-centric as they have grown with it and consider technology as an integral part of their day to day life, including employment. Hence, organizations are adopting technologies that can attract Millenials, make them productive and retain them.

Here are 5 work technologies that Millennial employees look forward to utilizing in their organizations:

1. Gamification of Training: Traditional learning and training modules can be quite daunting and unexciting for the Millenials. Gamification can offer them streamlined learning, instant feedback, an experience closer to real life situations and applicability of the same in a much larger context.

2. Cloud-based Systems: Cloud computing provides agility and efficiency in accessing information wherever you are. Hence, Millennial employees want access to such technology, which also helps them to quickly collaborate, communicate and collate information and perform tasks productively.

3. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD): Most Millenials own at least one mobile device, which has customized apps (both personal and professional) as per their likings and preferences. They will expect the employer to allow them to use ‘personal device and technology’ at work. Of course, organizations will also benefit in the form of cost savings on buying and maintaining hardware & software.

4. Employee Empowerment with Flexitime: The evolving flexitime or work from home model gives Millennial employees a better work-life balance. Their virtual presence makes it easier for them to be close to their family, yet be productive and learning with workstations remotely.

5. A connected and networked organization: Millenials expect their organizations to provide them easy and effective means to connect and communicate within the organization which includes inter-office chats, messaging system, video conferencing in addition to the traditional emails. They also expect to be kept informed about the various events in the organization through technology – whether it’s a newsletter, blog, or an e-zine.

Before boarding their workplace, Millennial employees will scrutinize the organization on various parameters, including how tech-savvy it is. They wouldn’t hesitate to demand technologies that will suit their professional as well as personal lifestyle. Hence, if your organizations want to lure a Millennial employee, you have to act fast on implementing new-age technology.

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