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#SHRMi16 Speaker Series: Meet DP Singh: The World is Moving from Test Cricket to T20, Why Should Your Talent Management Strategy Lag Behind?

We all know that finding, managing, developing, nurturing and strategically deploying talent - in short known as Talent Management - has become one of the major functions of HR. The questions on our mind are what defines this ‘Talent’, especially in today’s dynamic and ever-changing world? Does one Definition fit all?

We connected with DP Singh, VP and Head HR, IBM India/South Asia, to know more about the Face of Talent in the 21st Century.

The dynamic leader spoke to us about how talent is the only differentiator any business knows....


#SHRMi16 Speaker Series: Meet Rajeev Gupta: The Right Time to Experiment is Now!

The Start up movement has a lot of potential to create a positive change in the Indian economy, if, as an industry, we can lend support and guidance to those that are experimenting, innovating and are trying to create something new.

SHRMi16PITCH has been conceptualized with the aim to support all those who have dared to become a part of this creation process despite the risks it presents.

We connected with Rajeev Gupta, Director – Arpwood, for his take on SHRMi16PITCH, a first of its kind HR Start-Up–Mentor interaction platform.


The Pros and Cons of Technology Enabled Learning for the Working Professional

Technology-enabled learning is the use of any technology that aids in the acquisition and development of knowledge and understanding. Digital learning is becoming increasingly popular with organizations and working professionals irrespective of the fact whether it’s a part of the organization’s learning and development program or whether employees want to upgrade their skills as a part of their career goal.

However, this form of learning comes with a few pros and cons that learners should take into consideration to draw maximum benefits.

1. Flexibility
Employees can access digital classrooms and learning modules from anywhere, at any time. They aren’t...


The Potential Conundrum

Potential needs opportunity to flower. It’s a live energy, if untapped at the right time it dissipates. With most things in life, what is not defined well is often, not measured well, misunderstood for most parts and abused in some parts. In most organizations identifying potential is a BIG deal. Some do it more scientifically than others, some more rigorously than others. What is certain that there is no standard way of identifying this Holy Grail.

A common fallacy in the entire process is failure to address ‘the what’ of potential. Imagine you had Sachin Tendulkar applying for the role...


The Millennial Question

Recently, I was a speaker at a panel discussion organized by a premier B-School. The moderator of the panel discussion asked me how my organization is dealing with the challenge of managing millennials. Pat came my response, “Do we need to manage millennials? Do we see the presence of millennials in our organizations as a challenge?” The moderator clearly didn’t anticipate this response and was visibly off-track for a few minutes before gaining the momentum back.

Well, my intention was not to derail the momentum and flow of the discussion. My objective was to drive home an important point about...


#SHRMi16 Speaker Series: Meet Alpana Parida: The HR Function IS and NEEDS to be the Face of the Firm

Employer branding has become an important part of HR. Building a brand that people would feel proud to work with and for is becoming necessary to attract the best talent and to retain current employees. The brand image and what it stands for is a major consideration when accepting a job offer.

We connected with Alpana Parida, Managing Director - DY Works + IDIOM, to understand what makes a brand, THE BRAND?

“I would say branding is the true reflection of organizational culture. Your company’s brand encompasses everything from your logo to...


The changing Face of HR

Human Resources Today - A new calling?
How powerful is a good idea if it has minimum impact? How effective is your pipeline of well qualified managers without appropriate training to become quality leaders? All of those on one side of the fence would go on to articulate that HR today is a one stop solution to most complex business problems. As Kevin Robinson once said, “Human resources are like natural resources; they're often buried deep. You have to go looking for them; they're not just lying around on the surface. You...


#SHRMi16 Speaker Series: Meet Ritu Anand: The Bold HR is Fearless, Innovative, & a Strategic Thinker

What defines a bold HR - is the question on our (all) our minds. It’s also the theme of our Annual Conference and Exposition, so to find out what it’s all about, we went straight to the source.

Ritu Anand, Dy. Head, Gobal HR & Talent Management - TCS, shares her thoughts on the bold new HR.

The thought Ritu greets us with is, “Sometimes there is so much to say, but if I would have to sum it up in few words, the face of the bold new HR is...


The Reverse Discrimination Challenge


The Importance of Having Diversity Metrics

In the past few articles we have shared various elements of Diversity , as well as the importance of Diversity audits. While our country does not make diversity a legal compliance area, in order to be perceived as a global organization that believes in equal opportunities, organizations must proactively have metrics in place related to the composition of their workforce. This kind of periodic monitoring assists organizations in ensuring that close any glaring gaps which are leading to some kind of diversity imbalance at a particular location or business unit or management level. These metrics should also cover the Board,...