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8 Reasons Your Training Strategy Needs A Mobile (LMS) App Now!

Mobiles have changed our very existence. A statement that might sound absurd to the Gen Yers and Gen Zers, more so for the latter, but for the Gen Xers, who have witnessed the resplendent growth of mobile technology from the very beginning, it is a reality they have lived through. Mobiles that were once devices for convenience are now cornerstones for utility, communication, shopping, and, in general, thriving today! Acting as efficient personal assistants, capable of handling complex calculations, communication, analysis, and beyond, mobile devices now facilitate almost every activity, easily substituting desktops and anything else that may...


Technology, Millennials and Gig Economy: Will it make HR Obsolete?

The technology boom in the last 20 years has seen a drastic change in the way we lead our lives and work. However, the coming years promise a technology induced disruption like none other. The current buzzwords of AI, VR, Blockchain and gig economy are pushing businesses to take cognizance of technology and its effect on their future.

The recently concluded series of SHRM India forums in Bengaluru and Delhi threw spotlight on the transforming landscape of economy and technology. The event saw highly interactive discussions on the current and future trends in technology, the presence...


What’s IoT got to do with HR and People?

As technology makes inroads into the lives of employees more than ever, terms like Internet of Things (IoT), big data and the likes of it have become ubiquitous. The Internet of Things or as it is colloquially called – IoT, is a web of smart devices and sensors connected through the internet and connecting people, their devices and a plethora of information along with it. IoT is still in its nascent stages as we get used to wearable technology like watches that do more than just telling time or smart security systems that use air quality, humidity,...


HR Agility Vs Employee Experience

Agility and employee experience are two of the most debated subjects in HR community. Both agility and employee experience are integral to business sustainability and employee engagement. While agile HR practices enable organizations and employees respond promptly to changing business and workplace dynamics, employee experience can be instrumental in winning the talent war.

So, the comparison between agility and employee experience from HR perspective seems inapt. In fact, HR can make agility and employee experience work in tandem to achieve desired workplace results. Let’s delve deeper into this discussion.

Defining Agility and Employee Experience...


Digital Transformation and the HR Function

Summary: In an era of technological invasiveness, organisations are undergoing a holistic change. Various functions, infrastructure and interactions are now being digitised. And when such a wave of transformation hits, even the hitherto untouched HR function tends to undergo a digital makeover.           

So, you say, ‘OK Google! Search for information about Digital Transformation’. And poof! Just like that, your phone picks the command, displays a page full of relevant information. That right there, is a way in which technology has transformed our lives; by being available at our fingertips, alleviating our...


Digital Business Transformation - Strategies that leaders must deploy

Digital business transformation is a thorough shift in the functioning of an organization from the old traditional methods to new digital ones. It involves change in its processes, tools and activities with an aim to improve the overall performance of the business. This digital transformational leap is taken keeping in mind the present and future vision of an organization that wants to stay ahead of the curve with respect to changing technologies and customer aspirations. While it is used largely in the context of businesses, it also impacts sectors like governance and social agencies tackling social issues like...


AR and VR Converge to Create a New Workplace

Ennui can set in at the workplace very often. No more. Virtual Reality is here to the rescue. The workplace will now be an innovative place. And by the looks of the initial experiments, the possibilities are limitless.

Leading companies of the world are looking to employ diverse talent from the comfort of their homes. With Virtual Reality it is possible for the employees to be where they are and still be present at the office. An employee sitting in the corporate office can now interact and collaborate with an employee sitting in a different continent...


The Importance of Social Media in HR

Social media as a digital platform has had a tremendous impact on how we communicate and maintain dialogue with friends, family and colleagues. The advent of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others have presented to us a democratic platform where everyone has an opinion and an equal chance of being heard. Social media, in the way it is structured, allows people to share their life events, their opinions on matters of political or social significance and their feelings. The hallmark of this medium is in the two-way, instant communication that it offers vis-à-vis other traditional...


Learning Architecture: Cloud based LMS and its Success rate

In recent years, e-learning has taken over conventional forms of learning in almost all fields- be it school education, IT application or training programs for HR. It is a more effective and convenient form of learning. In fact cloud-based Learning Management Systems are the best ways to create training modules and course materials as they have a far reach and are cost efficient. Let’s find out the whys, hows and whats about cloud based LMS!

What is Cloud based LMS?

Cloud-based learning management system or Cloud based LMS is a form of e- learning...


5 SMS Tips for Better HR Communication in 2018

Lost and stalled communication can be a major productivity block in the workplace. As an HR department, you have to impart important and typically mundane information to the employees. You want to communicate in effective ways that get that important information into their hands without a hassle. Improve employee communications this year with text messaging integration for 2018.

Check out these 5 SMS tips on how to better your HR communication in 2018:

Improve Your Recruitment Process

Current employees aren’t the only ones who can benefit from the use of text...