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The Art of WIN

This week on the 14th and 15th of September, the HR fraternity of South Asia will physically conference in Delhi and many more will participate it in virtually (via the various social media channels). I am so excited to be a part of it, as a speaker and more so as a learner. Its SHRM India's Annual Conference #SHRMiAC 2017. 

The theme is "The Art of Winning". Given the perpetual VUCA world, this positive and practical them is bound to excite and engage one and all. So, in my understanding and perspective what is winning? 



It’s Time to “Catch” our People!

In today’s times, compliance and control reign supreme. That’s no surprise given the volatility and paranoia in the corporate world due to economic macro environment, threats from technology, government regulations, unions and such…While organizations grapple with all this and more, its behoveth on us not to forget who’s at the front and centre of our business!

1. Who creates value for your client & the firm? Is it your product & service or your people?

2. Who is the advocate of your organization’s brand? Is it marketing or your employee?

3. Who is the custodian of your...


To Win at Work, We Should Accept the Fact that Success is Always Collective: Srikanth Balachandran

Winning is important. But what is winning? Is it only a tangible achievement, a monetary gain? Is it an attitude that doesn’t let you quit? Is it only related to professional goals? Can we all be winners?

This year at SHRMiAC’17 – we’re going to find out the answers to all these questions and more. Global HR leaders will share what winning means to them and how we can all cultivate the art of winning in our lives and in our organizations.

But until then, let’s think about what WINNING means to us. What is the biggest win of our...


Are You Getting Your Employee Value Proposition Right? – Join Dr. Brad Shuck at SHRMiAC’17 to Know How to Create a Winning EVP!

Employees are the most important asset of an organization. Committed and satisfied employees are believed to be more productive and engaged in work. It is thus very important for companies to provide the right mix of facilities, compensation, and environment – in short – the employee value proposition - to the employees.

This year, at the SHRM India Annual Conference and Exposition we will delve deeper into the concept of employee value proposition, understand its importance, and discuss how to create a winning employee value proposition. To get a sneak peak into the topic and prepare ourselves for the discussion,...


Collaborate: Striking a Fine Balance With and Between People and Technology

According to a report titled ‘Best Employers India 2016 Study’ published by Aon Hewitt, collaboration at the workplace is amongst the top three sustenance drivers for the best employers. This indicates that for other organizations, collaboration is not yet a major focus.

With the knowledge economy becoming more dynamic and complex, increasing workplace expectations of people, and emergence of cutting edge technologies, it is becoming even more challenging for HR to win and retain talent. Hence, HR is looking at building a collaborative workforce by bringing people and technology in one frame. Collaboration is not a new phenomenon; rather...


Belief – If You Think You Can, Then You Will

Belief is a state of mind that people hold very close to their hearts. So, even if there is no proof to confirm the existence of this belief, people deem it to be true. Belief, also referred to as idea, principle, opinion or assumption, is essentially a characteristic of a person’s attitude. It is the way the person perceives and understands the world around him or her. In an organizational context, beliefs are fundamental to its culture.

These beliefs influence the intentions, actions and decisions of the employees. When they behave in a certain manner based on their beliefs, the...


Chiranthi Coorey, CHRO, of Hatton National Bank, Shares Leading Edge Practices in HR in Hatton National Bank, in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka is a fast growing economy and banking is one of the drivers of growth. In this video, Chiranthi Coorey, CHRO, of Hatton National Bank, one of the largest and oldest banks in Sri Lanka, speaks about some path-breaking and innovation people practices that they are implementing in HNB.

There has been spectacular growth for the bank in the past few years. As a result of that, they have created Vision 2020 and HR strategy is embedded into the transformational business vision. There is a lot of CEO sponsorship and buy-in.

Chiranthi shares “A Chief Employee Experience Officer role...


Resilience: An Attribute Important to HR

Meet Ajeet Bajaj. His official designations identify him as MD of Snow Leopard Adventures and Director of Adventure Nation. But, if you ask him to describe himself, he prefers to call himself an avid adventurer and explorer, which he is. A Padma Shri awardee, Ajeet Bajaj is the first Indian to have skied to the both ends of our planet. With his Trans Greenland Ski Expedition in 2010, he completed the much coveted Polar Trilogy - skiing to the North Pole, South Pole and across the Greenland Icecap. This feat would have required him to push his limits and capabilities....


Personal Innovation: Igniting Dreams, Passions, Careers and Social Impact

Innovation and then some more - that is the path that every single organization has taken in order to propel itself to new heights of growth. As the landscape changes, the business world has started focusing on key concepts that can make a long-term impact. Innovation is one of the most widely used concepts, which has also been proactively applied in an organizational context. It has now taken a new shape in terms of application. In current times, we are now evaluating what is Personal Innovation and the manner in which it helps an individual to feel fulfilled in his...


Alex Alonso, SHRM, Discusses Why Continuous Learning is Important for HR Professionals

With a rapidly changing business world, HR professionals need to keep upgrading their own knowledge base in order to remain relevant and business-focused. Learning is an integral part of an individual’s growth. Hence, many of us spend a significant amount of time researching for quality resources. Have a look at this comprehensive SHRM video which can give you this information right away! Alex Alonso, Head of Knowledge and Certifications shares insights on the resources that SHRM offers in this space. 

SHRM has been focused towards advancing and serving the HR profession. It offers a range of career and professional development...