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My Journey of being SHRM Certified

Any learning journey is exciting to begin with as one visualizes the end state of accomplishment. This was no different as SHRM SCP was a prestigious certification and the curiosity was also about the kind of learning. The length of experience as an HR professional led me to believe that the journey would be a walk in the park. The journey began with the books being delivered with a good 4 months to go before the exam. Given my “over” confidence, the tendency was to postpone starting preparations. The availability of SHRM learning portal prodded me to begin...


My Journey to SHRM Certification

The very thought of working in HR function is exciting. It provides you with an opportunity for being a growth enabler for your fellow workers. An HR professional who has credible certification/degree is looked upon in more favourable light and thought to be more reliable. HR is a domain where knowledge and experience go hand in hand.

When I decided to take SHRM Certification I knew I was taking on a challenging task ahead. I found I was eligible for the SHRM-SCP, as it required an HR Professional involved in developing strategies, leading the HR function,...


Metaverse And The Workplace

The office was a place people went to work. The mobile drove the physical workplace into the cloud. The pandemic drove talent discovery into the cloud before blowing up the office. The workplace needs new design principles. The Metaverse could be a starting point to build the new norms.

What on earth is the metaverse? I had to look it up. Metaverse refers to a shared virtual universe - much like the imaginary cities we see in the animation movies. It does not look fake, because you are part of it. It has immense possibilities. You can create...


Wobbling is your SUPERPOWER

We dread learning because it is messy. We feel inadequate and stupid. We are embarrassed about how long it is taking us to learn a skill. This wobbling is a sign that you are getting better at the skill. This wobbling is your SUPERPOWER.

On my fifth birthday I received a bicycle. I did not know how to ride a cycle. My mother noticed my reluctance to try riding the cycle. I had seen my...


Are hiring mistakes inevitable?

Most startup founders worry about product-market fit and ignore the biggest challenge to create a business. Talent! Why is it so hard to hire right? It is because there are too many moving parts. Mistakes are inevitable because we do not understand how to overcome the barriers.

Hire the right person - not the best person

"I want someone with the right skill (and not take unnecessary risks), experience, who will not know how to keep a secret, will be punctual and flexible. The person should be reliable. I I want the person to be...


Pin-Code Based Jobs - the next wave

Training, Talent and Tech and the growth of 4 Vs is creating the base for Pin-code based jobs for India. It is the moment for the Next Billion.

Ever since Taj Westend Hotel, Bangalore was established in 1887, this letterbox has stood there. That letterbox has 560001 painted on it. This Postal Index Number (PIN code) number holds the clue to the next wave of jobs in India.

Video, Visuals, Voice and Vernacular

Almost 35% of...


Job Decoders - the new role in HR

The pandemic has changed the workplace. The office is no longer a physical location where everyone reaches at the same time to complete work. There is no meeting room where colleagues gather to thrash out problems. The cafeteria is no longer the place to linger on with a colleague as you trade heartaches and dreams. The workplace is now a virtual place visible only on the laptop or mobile. Emotions, creativity and influence are the new variables in every job. What is driving the change?



Viewpoint: Resilience, Empathy, Trust - Individual Growth Drivers (IGD's)

As I sat listening to the song “Hero” by Mariah Carey, the words kept resonating in my head – “There’s a Hero if you look inside your heart, you don’t have to be afraid of what you are. And then a Hero comes along with the strength to carry on, and you cast your fears aside.” I firmly believe in the ethos of the song and how it holds true for every scenario, be it personal or professional.




Leveraging AI for remote hiring

With the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to impact lives across the globe, organizations have undergone drastic changes in their ways of working. With most of the workforce operating out of their homes, companies are getting used to the concept of remote working.  Also, several organizations have laid-off or furloughed their employees due to the lack of business during the lockdown period. Many countries, including India are now easing lockdown restrictions and work is resuming in corporate clusters, albeit remotely. Organizations are trying to get back on their feet. Many of...