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Culture of Employee Engagement: Are You Ready?

“In a world where most factors of production are increasingly standardized, where a production line or the goods on a supermarket shelf are much the same the world over, employee engagement is the difference that makes the difference” (Macleod & Clarke, 2008).

Employee Engagement is defined as harnessing of one’s complete self (physically, cognitively and emotionally) to the work role. And has been very well document in both academic and practice writings, your ability to invest yourself completely in your work role results in higher productivity, customer engagement, profit, quality, retention, discretionary effort and safety. Additionally, research also highlights that...


Cross-Cultural Sensitivity and Communication

In an increasingly globalized world and multi-cultural workplace, professionals face many challenges including dealing with cross cultural sensitivities. How individuals, teams and organizations work effectively across these cultural differences was the subject of the talk by Brian Schroeder, Head of Culture and Communication, Microsoft, at SHRM India’s Bangalore Forum meet held in June.

During the course of the evening, Brian discussed the key issues of cross cultural sensitivities that exist in the field including some myths that he decided to debunk. He shared some of his own experiences with cultural diversity during his work in China. He


Changing Face of Industrial Relations in a Knowledge-Driven Economy

The world of work is changing. Increasing globalization is constantly reshaping the contours of knowledge-driven economies and also belying the importance of Industrial Relations (IR). The changes have also brought along with it a number of strategic opportunities to improve prospects of both enterprises and employees. However, to seize the opportunities and for a beneficial relationship, organizations require a strategy directed to improving employee relations, seeking changes in attitudes and behaviour in the workplace and addressing the key issues of skills development, compensation and benefits, workplace structures and flexibility, and diverse workforce management.

The SHRM Mumbai Forum held on May...


Building a Diverse Workforce - A Peek into the Future

We often hear about diversity, and usually in the context of gender, race or ethnicity. These certainly are aspects of diversity, but that is not all there is to it. Diversity can also be introduced through several socio-demographic factors like personality, age, disability, sexual orientation, values people bring in, work experience, geographic locations etc. In true sense, it is the diversity of thoughts that is the essence of all of the above and these challenges are more pronounced in a vast country like India. The SHRM India Pune forum acted as a platform to bring together an array of views...


Big Data...Big Learning!!

In October this year, I attended the HR Tech World Congress as a Speaker and Moderator in their Learning Track. The organizers had requested me to speak on Big Data and how it can be leveraged in the Learning and Development space.

While interacting with the delegates at the conference, my earlier notion of Big Data being a black box to L&D practitioners just got further reinforced. While most of them were aware that Big Data is going to change the way people learn, many didn’t know how to deal with this new phenomenon. This discovery prompted me into writing...


Unsung Heroes - Aiding the Transition of Ex-servicemen from the Battle Field to the Corporate Office

The Armed Forces devote their lives to guard our nation’s sovereignty and work tirelessly to protect us and our families during times of turmoil. Some of these brave men and women lose their lives or are incapacitated while defending our safety. The attacks in 2016 in Pathankot, Pampore, Uri, and the latest in Nagrota are the most current examples of the dangers that they face while on duty.

Doesn’t it then become our duty to assist and ease the transition to civil work-life for them when they retire from the force? It does.

This is exactly what Bengaluru-based non-profit organization...


#SHRMi16 Speaker Series: Meet Unmesh Pawar: AI and MI will Help the HR Fraternity to Perform Better

There’s a lot of discussion around artificial intelligence. Industry is exploring and experimenting on how it can be used by various functions across the organization, its pros and cons - especially how it will affect the workplace or more specifically our jobs. Given all this buzz about artificial intelligence, we want to know how HR can use it to its benefits - especially in the field of talent management. We connected with Unmesh Pawar, Global MD Talent Acquisition, Accenture, to know more about his viewpoint on artificial intelligence for autonomous talent management....


8 Business Travel Tips

This week's question for Ask the Coach:

I read that you have flown millions of miles. I don't see how you do it. Do you have any suggestions for making air transportation less painful?

In my work, I spend a lot of time on the road. In the past four weeks, I have made separate trips to Abu Dhabi, Zurich, and London - along with many stops in the U.S. On
American Airlines alone I have logged over 9.5 million frequent flyer miles.

Lots of people have asked me, "How


6 Questions For Better Coaching

There are several reasons why executives tend to do a poor job of coaching. One reason is that executives manage knowledge workers. Peter Drucker's