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Big Data...Big Learning!!

In October this year, I attended the HR Tech World Congress as a Speaker and Moderator in their Learning Track. The organizers had requested me to speak on Big Data and how it can be leveraged in the Learning and Development space.

While interacting with the delegates at the conference, my earlier notion of Big Data being a black box to L&D practitioners just got further reinforced. While most of them were aware that Big Data is going to change the way people learn, many didn’t know how to deal with this new phenomenon. This discovery prompted me into writing...


Unsung Heroes - Aiding the Transition of Ex-servicemen from the Battle Field to the Corporate Office

The Armed Forces devote their lives to guard our nation’s sovereignty and work tirelessly to protect us and our families during times of turmoil. Some of these brave men and women lose their lives or are incapacitated while defending our safety. The attacks in 2016 in Pathankot, Pampore, Uri, and the latest in Nagrota are the most current examples of the dangers that they face while on duty.

Doesn’t it then become our duty to assist and ease the transition to civil work-life for them when they retire from the force? It does.

This is exactly what Bengaluru-based non-profit organization...


#SHRMi16 Speaker Series: Meet Unmesh Pawar: AI and MI will Help the HR Fraternity to Perform Better

There’s a lot of discussion around artificial intelligence. Industry is exploring and experimenting on how it can be used by various functions across the organization, its pros and cons - especially how it will affect the workplace or more specifically our jobs. Given all this buzz about artificial intelligence, we want to know how HR can use it to its benefits - especially in the field of talent management. We connected with Unmesh Pawar, Global MD Talent Acquisition, Accenture, to know more about his viewpoint on artificial intelligence for autonomous talent management....


8 Business Travel Tips

This week's question for Ask the Coach:

I read that you have flown millions of miles. I don't see how you do it. Do you have any suggestions for making air transportation less painful?

In my work, I spend a lot of time on the road. In the past four weeks, I have made separate trips to Abu Dhabi, Zurich, and London - along with many stops in the U.S. On
American Airlines alone I have logged over 9.5 million frequent flyer miles.

Lots of people have asked me, "How


6 Questions For Better Coaching

There are several reasons why executives tend to do a poor job of coaching. One reason is that executives manage knowledge workers. Peter Drucker's


5 Work Technologies For The Millennial Employee

Millennial employees are expected to change the workplace culture in the coming years. Born between 1980 and 2000, these employees are entering the employment in vast numbers and will form around 75% of global workforce by 2025 according to a Brookings Data Now report published in 2014.

The reason organizations are looking at millennial employees as major influencers on the HR strategies is that they possess certain traits and expectations which set them apart from the previous workforce generation. The Millenials know exactly what they want from their workplace, strive to climb the corporate ladder fast and...


5 Global Trends in HR Tech that We'd Like to See in India

While the trend of technology in HR is yet to mature and reach its full potential in India, it is definitely catching up with its global counterparts. The buyers and suppliers of HR technology in India have taken several steps in the right direction leading the industry pundits to predict that the maturity story of the HR technology domain in India may shape up quicker and better.

The international HR industry is talking about progressive technologies like cloud, big data and analytics, e-learning and mobile recruitment, and we hope these would soon leave their mark in the Indian HR tech...


5 Ways for Effective Team Visioning and Leadership

Aligning a team or organization towards a common vision is one of the biggest challenges faced by leaders across the world. In the fast-paced business landscape of today, having a good idea does not seem to be nearly enough, companies with great ideas are being beaten to the post by competitors who are able to move their teams and organizations faster. This poses a two-pronged problem for the leaders:

  1. How do they arrive at a team vision that can intrinsically motivate the team to pursue it relentlessly?
  2. How do they ensure everyone in the larger organization is aligned and
  3. ...

3 Months to Mumbai, 6 Steps Towards HR Tech Enlightenment

If you want a crash course in HR Tech that culminates in an illuminating talk about what’s next in WorkSpace technology, you’ve come to the right place. Over the next 3 months, as a lead up to my job as a Key Speaker at the SHRM India HR Tech ’15 Conference in Mumbai, I’ll take you through the ins and outs of HR Technology. In the 6 posts that follow, I’ll discuss some of the biggest topics in this space.

Here’s a rundown of the topics:

  1. The New Age of WorkSpace technology – beyond employee data management
  2. Learning Management
  3. ...