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How Technology is shaping the HR landscape

The past couple of decades have noticed a marked change in the way the HR sector functions. From becoming a sector at the forefront of business to adapting to the latest in technologies, HR has grown by leaps and bounds.

It was in the early 2000s when technology and process automation began to be integrated with the HR function. Since then, HR technology has come a long way. Over the past few years, with innovation and new technology, the HR landscape has seen a tectonic shift. Companies are now becoming technology savvy and incorporating technology at...


Mindfulness is the foundation of Emotional Intelligence

Many articles and papers specifically by Daniel Goleman or other researchers show that emotional intelligence is a bigger determinant of success, than IQ or other attributes. You might stand to acquire high grades through a higher IQ, but career success is believed to be linked to emotional intelligence.

The term “Emotional Intelligence” was first shared by Peter Salovey and John D. Mayer in 1990. As per their description, it is a type of social intelligence. It means that the individual is able to assess and track his/ her own and others' feelings and emotions, and...


HR is the "new" Marketing

It is the era of millennials who change jobs like they change clothes. Their patience and tolerance levels are low and job satisfaction is high on their priority list. They quit a job before they can be fired if they do not find the organization to be a great fit for their personality and needs. They are talented and companies want them, but to retain them, HR teams need to start thinking differently.

Employees in the current day quit a job because of a need gap. This need gap, much like the consumer need gap in...


(Wo)Men in Tech: The gender bender

Summary: The stats pointing to women in the field of technology are not too optimistic today. From girls taking keen interest in tech as young kids to turning away from it at an older age, there are several reasons why there is a stark gender gap in the sector. It’s time we all joined hands to fix this and let our women shine.

In 2012, when Yahoo appointed Marissa Mayer as its Chief Executive, her appointment generated huge headlines. Much more than a man's would have! Mayer has parted ways with Yahoo but even then some...


Generalist versus Specialist - The better route to take

There are several Human Resource graduates entering the market and workplace each day. They are exploring the variety of roles that companies are offering and defining their career paths. In the midst of this kind of growth, many or almost all of them will often wonder about the right route to choose. Does the HR generalist reach the top position of the Chief Human Resources Officer or the HR specialist? Who do the business leaders value more? Who does the market perceive as a thought leader? These are the questions that figure at the top of their minds....


Like Matador on The Horns of Bull

[This article was written for National HRD Network’s magazine – its special number. I had originally submitted the blog ‘A Precipice in Front, Wolves Behind’. It was in the form of a dialogue with Lulu, my parrot. The editorial board wanted a staid article in keeping with the style of serious reading. So I wrote this, and the readers will find the cases discussed in this and the Lulu one same. But this blog (or call it article) has more (and different) discussion on the issues. Do tell...


Negotiations in Employee Relations

Negotiations are not easy exercises in employee relations. There are very few good negotiators, and even fewer persons enjoy negotiations. Perhaps I should issue a correction: fewer men enjoy negotiations. Women are not only better than men, that is my experience and conclusion, but women also seem to enjoy negotiations!

As a school boy, I had watched a negotiation with interest, and amusement. A man who came to my cousin’s home carried a bundle of sarees. He was carrying sarees procured from Kolkata. Fifty years ago, Bengali sarees were not easily available in Mumbai. The salesman, in his...


The Leadership 'Guide'

I was studying in college when I watched Dev Anand’s movie ‘Guide.’ In early part of this movie shows Dev Anand sleeping on the steps of a temple. At the dawn, a Sadhu notices him, puts his saffron shawl on the sleeping hero and quietly walks away. The villagers who notice the hero, sleeping on the temple steps, covered with his saffron shawl, take him to be a Sadhu! And he too behaves like a Sadhu!!



Do You Want to Become a Freelance Trainer?


I often come across many professionals who are at the cross-roads of their career and need career advice. I am talking about men and women who believe that there is a passionate trainer in them and they can take the plunge into a full-time training career. These professionals want to quit what they are currently doing and start a career as a freelance trainer. While I usually share my two cents with them, I felt the need to pen my thoughts down and hence this blog.. I have written this blog  to help both young

In Discussion with Sammir Imandar on New Developments in Learning Management System

Learning Management System (LMS) has grown at a rapid pace in the last few years in India. Working professionals are leveraging online courses to upskill and reskill for career advancement. So, are the corporates which want to make learning modules tech-savvy, on-demand and easy for their employees.

According to Infoholic Research, the LMS market in India will witness a double digit growth during the forecast period 2016-2022. Given the growing popularity of LMS in India, and understand how it is evolving, SHRM interviewed Sammir Imandar, co-founder of Enthralltech.

According to Sammir Imandar there has been a massive disruption in...