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SHRMiAC’17: Let’s WIN Together

SHRM India’s Annual Conference and Exposition is back. It will be held on 14-15 September, 2017, in Delhi. We look forward to seeing you all there with your teams.

Like its previous editions, this year too, SHRM India Annual Conference and Exposition 2017, is planned to facilitate a get together for the HR professionals to meet, learn, share and WIN.

Our learnings from the past year have made one thing very clear, that to WIN and overcome Challenges – at a personal, professional or organizational level, we need to imbibe certain characteristics in our personality and overall attitude. For organizations,...


INDIA: Job Paucity in India – Reasons and Remedies

India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. It also boasts of low-cost, high quality and young manpower. Yet, the Indian workforce is lamenting over the lack of jobs. And, the situation for the job market in India may only get bleaker.

According to the data from the Labour Ministry, around 1 million people enter the workforce in India every month. The Asia-Pacific Human Development Report has warned that India is likely to witness a shortage of jobs in the next 35 years. In a country, where the working age population is likely to rise...


Are You Upping Your Game?

Many industries are struggling to fill jobs on a global basis. In tough economic times with high unemployment and loss of jobs, it is challenging to focus on workforce skill development. But if we see things differently, there is no better time to focus on this serious issue of skill development than now. It is not just individual organizations or sectors that are feeling the consequences of skill gap, the entire nation pays a heavy price when they cannot find or equip their workforce with the right skills and prepare them for critical jobs.  

The Honorable President of India...


India: Data Visualization – Are You Leveraging Your Data Enough?

While Big Data and analytics surrounding it have been spoken about as the ‘next big thing’ in the recent years, the focus has been on general data. When we make it more specific to people data or data related to the workforce, the results are unimaginable. That is because it demonstrates the hidden and untapped potential of data pertaining to our talent.

Due to the number of channels that data is sourced from and the types of data elements, HR is possibly the corporate function with the highest amount of data – this data comes in many forms. A lot...


Talent Engagement: The Link Between Performance & Retention

Employee engagement is the top priority for every organization. HR professionals and experts have always argued that engaged employees make the workplace happy and productive, and are less likely to leave the organization. It isn’t surprising then that organizations invest approximately $720 million every year in engagement improvement, including both outsourced and internally developed programs. Yet, organizations and HR departments are struggling with keeping their employees engaged and retain them.

Understanding Talent Engagement

Over the last few years, the term ‘engagement’ has also encompassed a broader scope. Organizations have realized that it is equally important to engage the potential...


How Crowdsourcing Can Enhance the Quality of Talent Acquisition Strategy?

Crowdsourcing typically refers to the pooling of funds, ideas or services from a crowd of people, especially online community. It’s becoming a popular way to bring together individuals towards a common goal. Perhaps, it was the only matter of time that this innovative approach made its way into the HR domain as well. Several organizations across the world, including India, are tapping actively into the ‘crowdsourcing way’ of recruiting. In fact, a TimesJobs survey revealed that 58% of organizations use crowdsourcing for hiring and 48% of them feel that is the most effective way to hire or source the...


India: Effective Methods of Acquiring the Right Talent Pool

There is a lot of disruption in the Talent Acquisition space in the past few years. This is mainly because of the fact that there are several changes that have taken place in our business ecosystem across the world and most of those changes have implications for this HR area – technological innovation, digital explosion, social media growth, demographic richness, talent mobility and so on. We are now operating in a very different environment than the one that prevailed even as recent as a decade ago. Also, with the recruitment firms in India predicting a 50% surge in hiring...


India: The Future of Work for HR is One That is Global in Scope, Diverse in Skills and Cultures, and Defined Very Differently Than it is Today. – Stacy Harris

Interview by SHRM India

Sierra-Cedar Inc., is a part of the The Sierra-Cedar Group. They are known for their industry-based consulting expertise in technology and systems for  industry applications, strategy and research, business analytics, performance management, and enterprise applications. They also help their clients manage and upgrade client’s applications as well as technology infrastructure. They further guide and support them in implementing and integrating cloud-based services.

We got in touch with Stacy Harris, the Vice President of Research and Analytics at Sierra-Cedar, in charge of the Annual HR Systems Survey and Research Function, to gain insight into...


Simplification VS Customization. What Works When?

This is a decision that almost all HR practitioners irrespective of level, geography and business segment struggle with. The reason for the struggle is the fact that while it should be a business decision, if it is not done with a well-strategized and thought out approach, it can seem like a judgment call. Avoiding the concerns that might arise if this is not a data-based or parameter-evaluated decision is absolutely critical. Therefore, as an HR practitioner, the primary role is to first identify what are the basis for deciding or suggesting that a particular process should be simplified or customized....


Developing HR to Deliver Excellence - SHRM HR Awards 2014

SHRM India HR Awards 2014 aimed to connect professionals from various fields to come under one roof and inspire each other to grown their business. It recognized organizations that have excelled in bringing growth to the people practices and empowered HR to become a strategic business partner.

SHRM India has compiled the case studies on the best practices of the six winners, one runner's up and two merit-holders of the SHRM India HR Annual Awards, 2014.

Click Here to access the SHRM HR Awards 2014, case study booklet...